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A Guide to the Different Types of Sweepstakes to Enter


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Types of Contests
Contests can also be broken down into categories, depending on what you have to do to enter them. Some examples include:
  1. Writing/Essay Contests

    Writing contests judge entrants on their essays, blurbs, poems, fiction, or other pieces of writing. Here are some tips on how to win writing contests:
  2. Video and Photography Contests

    Photography contests judge entries on the quality of the submitted photos. Some have a specific theme or ask you to take a picture with a product. Video contests ask you to film commercials, songs, or other videos to enter. You can find a list of Current Video and Photography Contests to enter. Here are some tips on winning photography and video contests:
  3. Cooking/Recipe Contests

    Submit your favorite recipe, often including the sponsors' products, to win. Find current Recipe Contests you can enter today. For more information on winning cooking contests, see:
  4. Trivia Contests

    Answer trivia questions to enter the pool of eligible winners. See Where to Find Answers for Trivia Contests for winning advice.

For information about why entering contests is a good idea, see 5 Reasons to Enter Skill Contests.

Check out the list of Current Creative Contests for available skill contests to enter.

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