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Great Gifts that You Can Win by Entering Sweepstakes

These Popular Sweepstakes Prizes Make Great Holiday Gifts!


Some prizes are popular with sweepstakes sponsors because so many people enjoy receiving them that the sponsors can be sure that they will be a good draw for their giveaways. Luckily, this also means that many people will also love to receive them as gifts. Here are ten popular sweepstakes prizes that are given away in such quantity that they are relatively easy to win, and which will also make great gifts for the holidays, birthdays, and other special occasions.

1. Hot Game Consoles

XBox 360 game console, one of the hot prizes you could win to give away this holiday season.
Photo Courtesy of PriceGrabber
Game consoles combine awesome graphics and sound with immersive storytelling for hours worth of entertainment for young and old alike. This year's hottest consoles include: To find current sweepstakes offering game consoles as prizes, check out the Electronics Sweepstakes List and the Toys and Games Sweepstakes List.

2. Give the Gift of Music

An Apple iPod MP3 Player, one of the hot gifts that you could win this holiday season.
Photo Courtesy of PriceGrabber
MP3 players today allow users to hold hundreds of songs, and in some cases video clips and even full movies, on one tiny player. Because the prices are high enough to make them more than just a casual purchase and yet low enough to appeal to sweepstakes sponsors, they are very popular prizes.

Some of the most popular MP3 players to win as holiday gifts this year include:

To find current sweepstakes offering MP3 players as prizes, check out the Electronics Sweepstakes List.

3. Picture Perfect Presents

A digital camera, one of the great presents that you could win this holiday season.
Image Courtesy of Pricegrabber.
Digital cameras make great presents because their technology improves so quickly that amazing advancements are made in just a couple of years. Even if your loved ones already have a digital camera, a new model will probably take better pictures with a higher resolution, a greater zoom, and advanced features like image stabilization. This attractiveness also means that many sweepstakes sponsors love to award them as prizes.

4. Fashionable Gifts

A make-up bag, one of the great gifts that you could win this holiday season.
Image courtesy of PriceGrabber.
Looking great isn't easy, and neither is keeping up with the latest trends in makeup, clothing, and accessories - unless, of course, you manage to win some great fashion prizes. Some of the most popular fashion-related prizes that you can win in sweepstakes include: Check out the Jewelry and Fashion Sweepstakes List to find fashion-related prizes to win.

5. Help Them Dive Into a Good Book

Books and novels, one of the great presents that you could win this holiday season.
Image © Sanja Gjenero, Lusi at Stock Xchng
Every month, tons and tons of books are given away as sweepstakes prizes. Authors love to use book prizes to encourage people to fall in love with their stories and buy more and tell their friends and family members about them. And of course, nothing satisfies an avid reader more than being able to curl up with a fantastic book on a cold winter's day, making them a great present to win with sweepstakes.

To find current sweepstakes that are giving away books as prizes, check out:

6. Playful Fun with Toys and Games

Board games, one of the presents that you could win this holiday season!
Image courtesy of PriceGrabber.
Games and toys are a very popular prize for sponsors. After all, most parents love to treat their kids, so these prizes are very attractive. And some of us adults are still kids at heart, and love playing board games, video games, craft games, and so on. To help you focus your sweeping efforts, here are some ways of finding great toy presents: To find sweepstakes offering toys and games as prizes, try:

7. Stay in Touch

The new Apple iPhone
Image courtesy of Apple.com.
As cellular phones become more advanced, more and more people are dying to get the latest model. This makes hot phones a great sweepstakes prize, and also a fantastic present to give your loved ones. Here are some of the hottest cell phones to win in sweepstakes and give as gifts this holiday season: To find sweepstakes that are giving away cellular phones, check out the Electronics Sweepstakes list.

8. Tickets to Fun

Movie tickets, one of the great prizes that you can give away as holiday presents.
Image © MConners at Morguefile.com.
Just about everyone loves a night out at the movies - especially when they don't have to pay for the pleasure! Luckily, lots of sweepstakes are giving away movie tickets. A great gift is a Fandango movie gift certificate, which allows your loved ones to redeem tickets for nearly any movie at their local theater.

To find sweepstakes giving away movie ticket prizes, as well as concert tickets and more, check the Free Tickets Sweepstakes List.

9. Musical Instruments

Guitars, one of the great presents you could win this holiday season.
Image courtesy of PriceGrabber.
If you have a music lover in the family, a guitar or another musical instrument is a great bet for a gift. For most people, a new guitar would be an expensive gift, or even out of their price ranges. But sweepers can enter many sweepstakes giving guitars as prizes, making these valuable gifts not only affordable but free.

You can find sweepstakes offering guitars for prizes by:

10. Spending Cash

Image © Gabriel Panaiet, Analyser at Stock.xchng.

Some people love receiving cash as a present, and even for those who don't, cash can let you buy the presents that you really want to give over the holiday season. Cash sweepstakes are a great way to fund your holiday gift shopping, without putting a dent in your wallet.

To find sweepstakes that are giving away money, check out the Cash Sweepstakes list.

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