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How to Find Time to Enter Sweepstakes

Tips on Fitting Sweepstakes into Your Schedule


Entering sweepstakes on a daily basis is the best way to win regularly. But how do you find time to enter sweepstakes when you have a busy schedule? Here are some tips to help you fit sweeping into your day.

1. Enter Sweepstakes with your Morning Coffee

This is my favorite way to enter sweepstakes - skip the morning paper and enter sweepstakes to help you wake up. One of the first things I do after waking up is to put on a pot of coffee and enter sweepstakes while I'm waiting for it to finish. I like this method because it helps me wake up slowly, and lets me enter sweepstakes while the house is still quiet.

2. Enter Sweepstakes while Your Kids Nap or Play

If you're a stay-at-home parent of young children, it may seem like your whole day is caught up in your kids. But taking some time for yourself to enter sweepstakes while your kids nap, watch their favorite movie, or play by themselves helps you to unwind and have some fun.

3. Enter Sweepstakes During Your Work Day

If you work outside the home, ask your boss or supervisor if you can enter sweepstakes on your lunch break or during slow periods. You can put your downtime to good use and feel more relaxed and energized throughout your work day.

4. Multitask Your Sweepstakes Entries

Most people sit down to watch a movie or a few hours of television in the evenings. If you have a laptop computer, you can easily work through your daily sweepstakes while enjoying your favorite shows.

5. Wind Down Your Day with Sweepstakes

After the kids are in bed, or just before you're ready to go to bed yourself, wind down by entering some sweepstakes. A few minutes of peaceful sweepstakes entry could be the perfect thing to help you relax and get sleepy for bed.

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