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HGTV Dream Home Winners

Past and Present Winners of the HGTV Dream Home Sweepstakes


2003 Dream Home Winner - Mexico Beach, Florida

The 2003 Dream Home was a return to Florida following the 1999 giveaway in Rosemary Beach. This home, located right on the Gulf of Mexico, is a dream for any water lover. Features include a boat dock, a "summer kitchen," and a gorgeous home office with views of the bay. The summer kitchen is located directly below the office, but is open on all four sides. It's easily accessible to the boat dock, so that the catch can be brought right into the kitchen.

Winner of the 2003 HGTV Dream Home:
John and Karen Groszkiewicz of Erie County, Pennsylvania.

2002 HGTV Dream Home Winner - Sherwood, Maryland

The 2002 Dream Home is located on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, overlooking the beautiful and bountiful Chesapeake Bay, famous for its crabs, scallops, and fish. The Dream Home has three fireplaces, a sweeping waterfront deck, and even a miniature version of the home for the family dog in the backyard.

Winner of the 2002 HGTV Dream Home:
Milton O'Bryant from Midland, Texas was chosen from over 11 million entries.

2001 HGTV Dream Home Winner - Camden, Maine

2001 marked HGTV's first Dream Home in New England. This New England shingle-style cottage overlooking the Maine coast offered sweeping windows with 180-degree views both up and down the coast. The interior of the home was designed to accentuate the beauty of the outdoors, including the waters of the Penobscot Bay and the wooded property with its graceful birch trees.

Winner of the 2001 HGTV Dream Home:
Kathy Hedrick of Gladstone, Missouri

2000 HGTV Dream Home Winner - Nehalem, Oregon

The 2000 Dream House was built to reflect the rugged environment of the Nehalem Peninsula in Oregon. The modified Craftsman architecture is designed to accentuate the beauty of the woodland surroundings and the spectacular views of the coast. The home features stunning accents like bamboo flooring, hemlock ceilings, and dramatic windows.

Winner of the 2000 HGTV Dream Home Giveaway:
Mary Barker of San Antonio, Texas was selected from about 5.3 million entries.

1999 HGTV Dream Home Winner - Rosemary Beach, Florida

The 1999 HGTV Dream Home was built on the pristine beaches of Rosemary Beach, FL. The architecture of the surrounding area reflects the beautiful designs found in cities like New Orleans, Saint Augustine, and the Caribbean. The house includes unusual features like a roof that is custom-designed to keep the house cool despite the Florida heat and an outdoor room that is just as beautifully furnished as any of the interior areas.

Winner of the 1999 HGTV Dream Home:
Belinda Brown of Kingston, Tennessee

1998 HGTV Dream Home Winner - Beaufort, South Carolina

The second HGTV Dream Home was located in Beaufort, South Carolina, one of the oldest communities in the state. The area is known for history and its deep Southern charm. That charm is reflected in the design of the Dream Home, which includes three elegant porches and a light and airy interior design.

Winner of the 1998 HGTV Dream Home Giveaway:
Tina Carlson of Thousand Oaks, California was selected as the winner from among 2.5 million entries - more than double the number of entries from the year before.

1997 HGTV Dream Home Winner - Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Jackson Hole, Wyoming was known for such exciting features as being the home of the world's largest ball of barbed wire as well as for its excellent skiing and winter sports. In 1997, however, it made history by being the site of the first HGTV Dream Home. HGTV calls the first Dream Home a "warm and cozy Western retreat" with spectacular views of the Grand Teton Mountains. In order to ensure that the Dream Home would stand up to the tough Jackson Hole winters, all of the elements for the solid log house were fabricated in Finland and shipped to Wyoming.

Winner of the 1997 Dream Home Giveaway: Michele Rambo of Tulsa, Oklahoma

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