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Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about PCH Sweepstakes


11. If I Win from Publishers Clearing House, Will Ed McMahon Bring My Prize?

No. For one thing, Ed McMahon passed away on June 23, 2009. But he never would have brought a prize to a Publishers Clearing House winner, because because Ed McMahon actually worked for PCH competitor, American Family Publishers.

American Family Publishers was a competitor of Publishers Clearing House. They both sold magazine subscriptions, and they both held huge sweepstakes, but they were two separate companies. Ed McMahon was never involved with Publishers Clearing House.

12. How Can I Contact Publishers Clearing House?

If you'd like to verify a prize win, unsubscribe from Publishers Clearing House's mailing lists, check the status of an order, or get other information directly from the source, see my article on How to Contact PCH. Note that About.com is not affiliated with Publishers Clearing House.

13. Answers to More PCH Questions

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