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Top New Years Resolutions for Sweepers

Resolve to Win More Prizes in the New Year!


Would you like to win even more contests and sweepstakes in the New Year? These New Years Resolutions for Sweepers can help you do it! Stick to these resolutions and watch your pile of prizes grow!

1. I Resolve to Enter Sweepstakes Every Day

Happy New Year!
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You can't win if you don't enter, and although it might seem tedious when you are not winning, it's important to enter every day. Skipping a single day might not seem too bad, but that one day can turn into a few days, then a week, and before you know it you're out of the habit. The more sweepstakes you enter every day, the more you'll win -- but try to get yourself to enter at least one every day, no matter how busy you are or frustrated you feel. A single sweep doesn't seem too overwhelming, and you may decide to enter a couple -- or a couple dozen -- more while you're at it.

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2. I Resolve to Read the Sweepstakes Rules Carefully

If you don't read the sweepstakes rules, you could be accidentally disqualifying yourself from winning. The time you can devote to entering sweepstakes is far too valuable to waste by entering sweepstakes that you can't win. Although sweepstakes rules may seem daunting at first, you'll quickly learn to skim through them, finding the relevant information as quickly as possible. You might even find ways to increase your chances to win within the sweepstakes rules!

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3. I Resolve to Be Even Luckier

We sweepers can always use more luck in our lives. Whether you have lived a charmed life or a cursed one til now, you can improve your luck in the year ahead by making a conscious effort to be luckier and more positive. Not only can this lead to winning more sweepstakes, but it can also make you feel happier and more successful. Definitely a goal to strive for in the New Year!

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4. I Resolve to Try Creative Contests

When I look at the number of entries in creative contests as opposed to regular sweepstakes, I am amazed that more people don't try their luck. For example, a video contest with a grand prize worth well over $10,000 and several other big runners-up prizes had only 100 entries! Use the New Year as an excuse to try a new type of contest, like a recipe or video contest. It could be a lot of fun, and your chances of winning could skyrocket!

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5. I Resolve to Check My Sweepstakes Email Daily

Although it can be a drag to go through tons of junk emails, it's important to check your sweepstakes email frequently.

Some wins require that you reply, or return an affidavit, before you can receive your prize. Sometimes you have a short window of opportunity to respond. Waiting too long to check your email could mean that you miss out on a valuable prize.

Checking your sweepstakes email daily also reduces the amount of marketing emails you have to check at once, letting you be more thorough. Winning email's are not always obvious.

Resolve to check your sweepstakes email daily, to ensure you receive your hard-earned wins.

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6. I Resolve to Track My Wins

Paying sweepstakes taxes at the end of the year is much easier if you have scrupulously tracked each of your wins. You can do this by keeping a notebook or a scrapbook of your wins, by creating a winner thread for yourself in the Contests Forum or by keeping the relevant information in a document on your computer.

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7. I Resolve to Make More Sweepstakes Buddies

Having friends who understand sweepstakes and who can help motivate and encourage you to win even more is one of the best part of the sweepstakes hobby. Sweepstakes buddies can alert you to sweepstakes with prizes you really want to win, can give you extra entries through sweepstakes referrals, and can help you out with technical problems or questions. You can start making sweepstakes buddies in the Contests Forum or by joining a sweepstakes club in your area.

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8. I Resolve to Thank the Sponsors

Thank-you notes are quick and easy to write, and they mean so much to the sweepstakes sponsors. When the sponsors get the feeling that their promotion was successful, they are more likely to offer additional contests and sweepstakes in the future. So if you won a prize or just enjoyed a particular sweepstake, jot a note to the sponsor and let them know. It's good for the entire sweepstakes hobby.

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9. I Resolve to Not Give Up!

The hardest thing for new sweepers is to keep the faith that they'll win even when it seems like they're just not fated to ever receive a prize. Even experienced sweepers can fall victim to sweepstakes burnout when in the midst of a long non-winning streak, or when the prizes seem too insignificant to be worth the effort. The important thing is to keep plugging away, no matter what. Your luck will change!

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