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Sweepstakes Laws - Information about Sweepstakes Laws and Regulations

Sweepstakes are heavily regulated to ensure that they are fair to the entrants and to sweepstakes sponsors. Find out more about sweepstakes laws and regulations.

Difference Between Contests, Sweepstakes, and Lotteries
Do you know the differences between sweepstakes, lotteries, and contests? Find out the basic laws of running legal sweepstakes.

Can Companies Use Sweepstakes to Get Around the Do Not Call List?
If I enter sweepstakes, does that mean their sponsors can call me even if I'm on the Do Not Call List? Find out with this article from About.com Contests.

Does Internet Access Count as Consideration for Online Sweepstakes?
What does sweepstakes law say about whether internet access for online sweepstakes counts as consideration? Find out here.

Are Sweepstakes Allowed to Offer Better Prizes to People Who …
Some sweepstakes offer entries for buying a product from a website, using a credit card, or making a donation. Are companies allowed to give better odds or better prizes to people who make purchases from them?

Do Sweepstakes Discriminate by Age?
Do sweepstakes discriminate against the elderly? Can people over the age of 60 still win? Do sweepstakes sponsors throw out my entry if I don't fit their target age group?

Do Sweepstakes Discriminate by State?
I live in West Virginia, and I don't see a lot of people winning from my state. Do sweepstakes discriminate against people who live in certain states?

Why are So Many Sweepstakes Void in Quebec?
Have you ever wondered why residents of Quebec oftentimes can't enter contests that are open to other Canadians? Learn about the laws governing sweepstakes open to Quebec.

Why Can't Californians Enter Alcohol Sweepstakes
Sweepstakes that are sponsored by alcohol companies prohibit California residents from entering. Find out why.

Why Do Canadians Have to Answer Skill Testing Questions?
Find out why Canadians often have to answer a skill testing question to enter a sweepstakes or to receive a prize once they have won.

Age of Majority by State - What is the Age of Majority in My State?
The Age of Majority, when a person retains full legal responsibility for him or herself (and is no longer a legal minor) varies in the United States from state to state. Find out when the Age of Majority is in your state.

Why CAPTCHAs Are So Hard to Enter
Have you ever wondered why CAPTCHA codes are so hard to enter? Learn the challenges that CAPTCHAs are trying to beat, and how a difficult code can actually protect you and increase your odds of winning.

Are Bots Always Bad for Sweepstakes?
Lots of sweepstakes prohibit the use of bots, and cheaters use bots to enter sweepstakes falsely. What are bots exactly, and are they always bad for sweepstakes? Find out!

Maine Sweepstakes Law - Why Can't Kids Enter Sweepstakes in Maine
Sweepstakes in Maine have suddenly started to prohibit people under 18 years of age from entering. Discover what changed, and why Maine laws are prohibiting minors from entering sweepstakes.

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