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Sweepstakes Advantage

About.com Rating 4 Star Rating
User Rating 4 Star Rating (3 Reviews)


The Bottom Line

Sweepstakes Advantage is a very respectable contest listing, offering a lively forum and a good number of sweepstakes.


  • Totally free sweepstakes listing
  • Easy tracking of sweepstakes entry
  • Friendly community
  • Sweepstakes organized by entry type
  • Great newsletter.


  • Advertisements displayed on site


  • Sweepstakes listing organized by entry frequency.
  • Active and friendly sweepstakes community.
  • Directory of sweepstakes tools.
  • Members-only sweepstakes.

Guide Review - Sweepstakes Advantage

Unlike many sweepstakes listings, Sweepstakes Advantage is totally free to use. You receive all of the benefits of the service, without having to pay a dime. The userbase of Sweepstakes Advantage is large, but not overwhelming. This gives the site more of a community feeling, and many issues can be discussed openly without disagreements turning into flame wars.

Sweepstakes Advantage also offers a very nice, free tracking system that people can use to mark which sweepstakes they have already entered. It's worth signing up for their newsletter as well, which is packed full of new sweepstakes and interesting information.

User Reviews

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 3 out of 5
Overall okay, but a few problems., Member Tara2372

Contests and sweeps will often disappear, even though their expiration date is weeks (and sometimes months) away. Along the same vein, contests and sweeps will disappear then reappear.

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