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50 Ways to Find Local Contests and Sweepstakes Page 2

Find Local Contests in Your City - Local Attractions and Venues


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Find Contests and Sweepstakes at Local Attractions:

Regional attractions are a great place to find local sweepstakes in your city. You can win everything from day passes and free tickets to trips, unique experiences, and more. Some ideas include:
  • 16. Sports Arenas in Your City: Check out your local football stadium, baseball field, or basketball venue to find sweepstakes and contests for your region.
  • 17. Amusement Parks: Have an amusement park nearby? Keep an eye out for free ticket giveaways and more. Some amusement parks may also offer local sweepstakes in their on-site stores and restaurants.
  • 18. Local Ski Resorts: If you live in an area where skiing is popular, check the local resorts for giveaways offering free stays, free lift tickets, and more.
  • 19. National and State Parks: Check your local parks for giveaways, especially during peak tourist season.
  • 20. Local Festivals: Pay attention to art, music, Renaissance Fairs, and other festivals in your area. They may offer free tickets and other giveaways.
  • 21. Hotels, Resorts, and B&Bs: Local hotels, especially the ones that aren't part of a big chain, may offer local sweepstakes for free stays and other prizes.
  • 22. Orchards, Farms, and Markets: If your city has local farmer's markets, pick-your-own places, and orchards, keep an eye out when you visit for local giveaways of free produce, jams, and more.
  • 23. State Fairs: State fairs give you some fun chances to participate in local contests. Not only might there be giveaways, but you could also see if you can enter competitions for the largest produce, the best pie, the cutest dog, and other competitions.
  • 24. Bridal Shows, Expos, and Conventions: Local conventions, home and garden shows, bridal shows, and the like often encourage visitors by holding giveaways. Many times, individual vendors will hold giveaways of their products, so there are lots of chances to win.
  • 25. Other Local Tourist Attractions: Whatever local tourist attractions your town has to offer, keep your eyes open when you visit for local contests.

Find Local Contests at Your City's Entertainment Venues

You may also have luck finding local contests in the places in your city where you go to have fun. Here are some examples of entertainment venues that might offer local giveaways.
  • 26. Concert Venues: Free concert tickets and band memorabilia are common prizes for local concert venues to give away.
  • 27. Stage Theaters: If you enjoy plays, musicals, and operas, the theater can be a good place to find local sweepstakes.
  • 28. Movie Theaters: National and independents movie theaters often offer free tickets, movie memorabilia, and other prizes.
  • 29. Bars and Pubs: From sweepstakes for free meals to quiz nights with the chance to win prizes, bars and pubs can be a good source of local contests.
  • 30. Casino Giveaways: If you live in an area with casinos, they can be great places to find local contests. Many people who like to gamble like to enter sweepstakes, too, so it's a good way to encourage people to come into the casinos and have more fun while they're there.
  • 31. Comedy Clubs: If you enjoy visiting comedy clubs, you could also get chances to win while you're there. Some comedy clubs host trivia challenges or amateur nights with prizes, as well as local sweepstakes.
  • 32. Night Clubs: When you go out dancing, remember to keep an eye out for local contests as well. I've seen night clubs offer contests for submitting photos of their t-shirts in exotic locales, sweepstakes for free admission, and more.
  • 33. Local Pool Halls, Bowling Alleys, Etc.: If you enjoy a pub sport like pool or darts or games like bowling, you can enter local contests to win prizes in leagues and tournaments.
  • 34. Video Game Stores: If you're an avid video gamer, check local video game stores for tournaments where you can win prizes for playing your favorite games.
  • 35. Board Game Stores: Similarly, some board game stores host tournaments for games like Magic: The Gathering or Settlers of Catan that give you the chance to win prizes while having a lot of fun.
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