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50 Ways to Find Local Contests and Sweepstakes Page 3

Find Local Contests Online and Through Other Methods


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Finding Local Contests Online:

The internet might be international, but it's still a great tool for finding local contests and sweepstakes. Here are some ideas for finding local contests online:
  • 36. Internet Search: You can use Google or another search engine to search for local contests. Try searches like your city name or the names of local venues and attractions, the current year, and "sweepstakes" or "contests."
  • 37. Google Alerts: You can also set up Google Alerts so that you'll get immediate notice of local contests. Use the tips for How To Use Google Alerts to Find Sweepstakes Wins, and use the search terms above for your alerts.
  • 38. Websites of Local Stores, Venues, Stores, and Attractions: As well as visiting all the locations listed on Page 1 and Page 2 of this article, you can also visit their websites to find out whether they are offering local contests. It's worth checking both online and in person, since some contests will be offered in only one area.
  • 39. Twitter Sites of Local Attractions: Many local stores, entertainment venues, and attractions also have Twitter accounts, which they use for local giveaways.
  • 40. Facebook Sites of Local Attractions: Facebook is becoming an increasingly popular way for companies to offer sweepstakes, including local contests.
  • 41. Web Sites about Your City and State: Follow websites, Facebook sites, and Twitter sites that promote activities in your city or states. These are good places to find advertisements and notices about local contests.
  • 42. Sweepstakes Websites and Forums with Local Contest Sections: Many sweepstakes newsletters and websites have a special focus on regional contests.
  • 43. Email Newsletters from Local Venues: If you have a favorite store, mall, venue, or attraction that frequently holds local contests, sign up for marketing emails to be among the first to hear about new giveaways.
  • 44. Create a Local Sweepstakes Group Online: If you're having trouble finding a Facebook page or website that focuses on sweepstakes in your region, why not start one yourself? Post about the local contests you find, and invite your friends and neighbors to pitch in yourself.

Other Ways to Find Local Contests:

Here are some more ways to find local contests and sweepstakes:
  • 45. Sweepstakes Clubs: Getting together with other sweepstakes enthusiasts to share sweepstakes news and winning tip is a great way to find sweepstakes in your city.
  • 46. Start Your Own Sweepstakes Club: If you can't find a sweepstakes club in your area, you could always start one yourself. Don't know how? Here are tips for starting a sweepstakes club.
  • 47. Your Place of Business: Companies often hold giveaways at holiday parties or contests where you can win prizes for suggesting new ideas or beating sales quotas.
  • 48. Your Kids' (or Your) School: Many schools give students chances to win prizes through essay contests, science fairs, raffles, cake walks, and other methods.
  • 49. The Library: Libraries sometimes offer local contests, especially for children. Summer reading contests, for example, give your child the chance to win prizes for reading during the school break.
  • 50. Newsletters from Local Clubs: If there are clubs in your area dedicated to one of your hobbies, sign up for their newsletters. You may get the chance to win prizes that will help make your hobby more affordable.

Best Times to Find Local Contests:

Some times of the year are better than others for finding local contests. You may have the best luck:
  • 51. Summertime: When many local theme parks and other attractions open.
  • 52. Tourist Season: If tourists come to your area for the beaches in summer, the slopes in winter, maple sugar season, or whatever, that is a good time to look for local sweepstakes.
  • 53 Around the Release Dates of Blockbuster Movies: Movie theaters offer more prizes when they're promoting big movies.
  • 54. Holidays: Look for costume contests around Halloween, egg-decorating contests around Easter, and lots of giveaways everywhere at Christmastime.
  • 55. City or Town Celebrations: If your town has an annual festival, celebrates a 100th anniversary, or has any other big celebration, this is a great time to look for local contests.

Have I overlooked anything? You can share your favorite ways of finding local contests, too!

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