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Sweepstakes Master List - All Sweepstakes Listings by Category

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11. Mega Sweepstakes List

Find sweepstakes with huge prizes like houses, cars, boats, stacks of cash, or all of the above. These sweepstakes have prizes worth $30,000 or more.

12. US Vacation Sweepstakes

Enter these sweepstakes for your chance to win a dream vacation within the US, from romantic getaways at local bed and breakfasts to walking the red carpet at a Hollywood premiere.
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13. Win a Cruise Sweepstakes

How would you like to win a cruise? Enter these cruise sweepstakes for your chance to go on a relaxing cruise for free. Cruise sweepstakes change daily, but often include major cruise lines like Disney and Princess and destinations like the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, and more.

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14. International Travel Sweepstakes

Enter these sweepstakes to win trips abroad. Destinations include sunny Mexico, romantic Paris, exotic trips to the North Pole, and much more.

15. Toy and Game Sweepstakes

Whether you love games yourself or you'd love to win toys for a child in your life, these sweepstakes are for you. Get the chance to win board games, Barbies and action figures, comic books, video games and game consoles, and much more.
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16. Jewelry and Fashion Sweepstakes

Enter these sweepstakes to win jewelry and fashion prizes like designer clothes, shoes, and handbags, makeup and perfumes, diamond rings and golden chokers, t-shirts and caps, and much more. For prizes you can wear, enter jewelry and fashion sweepstakes.

17. Win a Free Wedding Sweepstakes

Enter wedding sweepstakes to win prizes to make your wedding day more affordable. Prizes on this list include free wedding gowns, invitations, honeymoons, and complete wedding packages.

18. Electronics Sweepstakes Index

Could you use a new computer, or maybe a spiffy new laptop? How about a digital camera to replace the one you bought a couple of years ago, since the resolutions are higher these days and the frames smaller and lighter than ever? Or what about one of the hot new game consoles, like the XBox 360 or the Playstation 3? If so, look at the list of electronics sweepstakes to find the hottest current sweepstakes giving away great gadgets, gizmos, and other electronics prizes.

19. Free iPad Sweepstakes

Apple iPad tablet computers are hot, hot, hot, and you could win one for free just for entering these sweepstakes.

20. House & Garden Sweepstakes

Win contests and sweepstakes that will help you around your house and garden, from new Jacuzzis and swimming pools to new kitchen appliances, furniture, home decor, and renovations. Everything you need to make your home and garden beautiful can be found with these sweepstakes.
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