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Solve Sweepstakes Problems - Technical Support for Sweepstakes

If you're having trouble entering online sweepstakes, this is the place to go for technical support tips and hints.

10 Steps to Make Sweepstakes Work
Have you ever tried to enter sweepstakes that won't work? They won't accept your entry, won't let you click on the submit button, or send you in an endless loop? Sometimes this is the fault of the sweepstakes sponsor, but sometimes the problem lies with your own computer. Here are the top steps to take if sweepstakes won't work.

Sweepstakes Entry Tip - Using Two Browsers
Using two browsers can help you enter more problematic sweepstakes. Find out why, and how to get a second browser for your computer.

How to Make Flash Sweepstakes Work Properly
How to make Flash sweepstakes display properly on your computer.

Captcha Help - How to Enter Tricky Captchas
Captchas try to separate human entries from those made by bots and scripts. However, as computers have become more adept at deciphering captchas, they have also become harder and harder to read. Here are some tips to try if you're having problems entering captchas.

Tips for Making Sweepstakes Work - User-Submitted Sweepstakes Tips
Are you having trouble getting sweepstakes to work? Try these user-submitted tips, or submit a suggestion yourself.

Help! I'm Having Trouble Entering Specific Contests or Sweepstakes!
How you can find help entering sweepstakes that are giving you technical difficulties.

Is There a Way to Bypass Flash Sweepstakes?
Flash sweepstakes not working for you? Find out how to bypass Flash if you can't get it to work on your computer.

Can I Enter Flash Sweepstakes Without Installing Flash?
More and more sweepstakes are using Flash programming today, but some people can't install Flash on their computers. Here are some tips on entering Flash sweepstakes without installing Flash.

How to Delete Auto-Fill Entries in Your Web Browser
Learn how to remove unwanted auto-fill entries in your web browser, quickly and easily.

How to Turn Off Sounds in Your Internet Browser
How to turn off sounds in your internet browser. Many sweepstakes websites blast annoying sounds at you when you try to enter. Here are some tips on how to get rid of those sounds when you enter sweepstakes

Sweepstakes Codes Not Working? Try This Simple Tip
Are you having trouble getting sweepstakes to accept official codes? This easy tip could help.

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