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Text to Win Sweepstakes - Enter and Win SMS Sweepstakes

Text to win sweepstakes are a quick and easy way to enter to win prizes. Find out how to enter and win sms sweepstakes with these tips.

All About Text Message Sweepstakes
Have you ever heard of text message sweepstakes? Find out what this hot new method of sweepstakes entry is, and what you should know before you enter.

How to Send Texts to Short Codes
Many companies invite you to send text messages to short codes in order to enter text message sweepstakes. Find out how.

Premium vs. Standard Text Message Charges
Text message sweepstakes may have charges associated with them. Learn the difference between standard and premium text message charges, and what you need to watch out for before you enter SMS sweepstakes.

Short Code Definition - What Is a Short Code?
What is a short code? Find out in this short code definition from About.com's Sweepstakes Glossary.

Text Message Sweepstakes Horror Stories - Have You Had Problems with …
About.com Contests readers share problems they have had with text message sweepstakes. Learn what to watch out for when you enter text message sweeps, or share your own tips.

Share Your Tips for Winning Text Message Sweepstakes
About.com readers share tips and advice about winning text message sweepstakes. Read their tips, or share your own!

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