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How Do You Link to a Tweet on Twitter?


Time stamp showing how you link to a Tweet on Twitter.

Where to find the time stamp on a Twitter Tweet.

Screen shot taken by Sandra Grauschopf, used with permission.
Question: How Do You Link to a Tweet on Twitter?
Many sweepstakes ask you to Tweet a message and then send the sponsor a link to your Twitter post as proof. But all I see when I look at Twitter is a stream of posts. How do you find the link for an individual Tweet?
Answer: There are three easy steps to linking to a Twitter post:
  1. Go to your Twitter page. Visit your Twitter page at http://www.twitter.com/YourTwitterUserName. Once you're there, scroll down your list of Tweets until you see the one that you need to link to. If it's an older Tweet, you may need to click the "More" button at the bottom of the page until you see it.

  2. Click on the Time Stamp. Underneath each Tweet, you'll see the time that it was posted. This might be something like "2 seconds ago" or it might be an exact time like "6:24 AM Feb 8th." Either way, click on the time. This will cause the Tweet to open in its own page.

  3. Copy the Tweet's Link from Your Browser's Address Bar. Now that the Tweet is on its own page, you can just copy the link from the address bar of your web browser. For example, the link to the Tweet in the illustration is http://twitter.com/ContestsGuide/status/8911165439.

Now you have the address you need to link to your Tweet.

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