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Win a Free Honeymoon with Honeymoon Sweepstakes and Contests

Use sweepstakes to have a luxurious honeymoon, even if your budet is tight.


Honeymoon sweepstakes give you the chance to win the perfect vacation to start your married life off right. Win a free honeymoon and use the money you save for a down-payment on a house, for new furnishings you both love, or whatever else you want. Here's how to find honeymoon sweepstakes and contests that you can enter right now.

1. Wedding Sweepstakes List

Win Honeymoons and Other Prizes with the Wedding Sweepstakes List
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The wedding sweepstakes list contains not only honeymoon sweepstakes prizes, but also other prizes that could help you have the perfect affordable wedding. This list includes free honeymoon prizes, free wedding gowns and bridal jewelry, and even completely free weddings.

2. International Travel Sweepstakes List

International travel sweepstakes can help you win honeymoons in exotic destinations.
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If your idea of the perfect honeymoon is a trip abroad, check out the prizes on the International Travel Sweepstakes list. Depending on the sweepstakes that are currently running, you may find getaways to romantic cities like Paris or Venice, adventure vacations in South America, exotic vacations to the beaches of Thailand or the bustling metropolis of Tokyo. If your dream honeymoon is a trip abroad, this sweepstakes list is the place to find it.

3. US Vacation Sweepstakes List

Win a Romantic Honeymoon in the United States with US Vacation Sweepstakes
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If your dream honeymoon destination is a little closer to home, peruse the US Vacation Sweepstakes List for your chance to win a honeymoon in the United States. This list is updated with new sweepstakes daily, but some of the great honeymoon destinations you might find here include romantic getaways in Sonoma Valley Wine Country, trips to bustling cities like New York, Los Angeles, and wedding capitol Las Vegas, idyllic getaways to Beds and Breakfasts, spa vacations, and more.

4. Win a Free Cruise Sweepstakes List

Win a honeymoon cruise with these cruise sweepstakes.
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Do you dream of taking to the high seas and spending your honeymoon being pampered aboard a majestic cruise ship or a private yacht? These types of honeymoon sweepstakes can be found on the cruise sweepstakes list. Enter to win cruise vacations in the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, Alaska, or other dream honeymoon destinations.

5. Disney Sweepstakes List

Win a Romantic Disney Honeymoon with Disney Sweepstakes
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If you'd like to follow the happiest day of your life with a honeymoon to one of the happiest places on earth, visit the Disney Sweepstakes List for your chance to win a Disney vacation honeymoon. This sweepstakes list contains many trips to Disney World in Florida, Disneyland in California, or other Disney locations around the world.

6. Win Trips to Destination Wedding Locations

Photo of a couple getting married in Kailua, Oahu, Hawaii, USA.
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If you've dreamed of having a destination wedding, but shying away from the travel costs, sweepstakes can help. Win a trip to a popular destination wedding location and combine the honeymoon and the big day. Plus, you'll save money for more important things, like a down payment on a new home to share, or a fantastic dress for the big day. Here are some sweepstakes with prizes of trips to popular locations for destination weddings:

7. Sweepstakes from the Honeymoons and Romantic Travel Guide

Win a romantic getaway for your honeymoon.
Image © Comstock Images / Getty Images, used with permission.
About.com's Honeymoons and Romantic Travel Guide, Susan Breslow Sardone, has a list of romantic travel sweepstakes that you could win to have a perfect free honeymoon. On her site, you can also find a wealth of information about planning the perfect honeymoon for yourself and your spouse-to-be.

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