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Answers to Your Top Questions about Winning Vacations

Everything you need to know about winning trips.


Winning vacations is a huge thrill, but vacation winners also end up with a lot of questions. Whether you've won a trip or are hoping to, here are answers to the most commonly-asked questions about winning vacations.

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1. How Does It Feel to Win a Trip?

If you've never won a trip, you probably have a lot of questions about what winning a vacation feels like. Is it really all it's cracked up to be? Are there hidden costs? Unexpected problems? Is it worth even trying to win trips? Find out through these win-a-trip stories from real winners.

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2. Must Sweepstakes Sponsors Offer Cash Alternates for Trip Prizes?

Sometimes you enter vacation sweepstakes, but for some reason, can't actually go on the trip when you win. Do the sponsors have to offer you a cash option if you can't go on the trip?

Find the Answer: Cash Options and Trip Prizes

3. Can You Give Away Vacation Prizes You Don't Want?

If you can't take a trip you won, is it possible to give the prize to a friend or family member who would like to take it? Can you enter vacation sweepstakes with the intention of giving the prize away if you're lucky enough to win?

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4. If You Win a Vacation, Can You Pay to Stay Longer?

What if you can go on the trip, but you'd like more time at your dream destination? Is it possible to stay longer if you're willing to pay for any extra charges incurred?

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5. Can You Pay to Bring Extra Guests on a Vacation You Won?

Say you win a vacation for two, but you'd like to bring your child along. Or you win a family vacation to Disney for four, but your family has five members? Can you pay to bring extra guests on a vacation prize?

Find the Answer: If I Win a Trip, Can I Pay to Bring Extra Guests?

6. What Taxes Do You Have to Pay on Vacation Prizes?

Vacation prizes sometimes include additional taxes above those that you have to pay for any sweepstakes prize. What extra prizes do you have to pay if you win a vacation?

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