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How To Win Recipe Contests


Many people avoid recipe contests because of the mistaken feeling that only professional chefs or bakers can win them. Nothing could be farther from the truth! Learn how to create prize-winning recipes in your own kitchen.
Difficulty: Average
Time Required: 30 minutes

Here's How:

  1. Read the Rules Carefully

    Recipe contests often have rules about the types of ingredients that can be used, the cooking methods allowed, the measurements that you should use, and other details. Before you get your heart set on a recipe that does not fall under these guidelines, be sure to read every line of the rules and take notes for future reference.
  2. Get Inspired

    Try a number of different recipes that fall under the category of the contest. Keep an eye out for areas where you can improve the flavor or appearance of the final recipe.
  3. Showcase the Sponsor's Products

    Sponsors use contests to come up with ideas that they can use for future marketing. A recipe that uses more of the sponsor's products has a better chance of winning a prize.
  4. Appeal to a Wide Audience

    Remember that the purpose of your recipe will be to win over new customers for your sponsor's products. A recipe that appeals to only a few people is not likely to make the final cut.
  5. Keep it Simple

    Think about how your recipe will look to other shoppers. A short and easy dish will be much more appealing to the average consumer than one with dozens of tricky steps. Simpler recipes are more appealing to other amateur cooks, and therefore more valuable to a sponsor.
  6. Make it Look Great

    When a sponsor uses the winning recipe in advertisements, it will most likely appear next to a photograph of the finished dish. Focusing on recipes that look as fantastic as they taste will give your entry a winning edge.
  7. Create a Fantastic Recipe Name

    The name you create for your recipe is nearly as important as how it looks and tastes. After all, it is the name that will first catch a shopper's eye. Take the time to come up with a descriptive name that really tempts the taste buds.

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