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Autofill Forms Firefox Add-On for Sweepstakes

Reader Reviews: Which Firefox Add-Ons Do You Use to Enter Sweepstakes?

User Rating 4 Star Rating

By TheSunshyn

Firefox Add-On that Helps You Enter Sweepstakes: 

Autofill Forms

My Review 

I've been using Autofill Forms since before I started sweeping as it's an easy add-on and I dislike typing all the time. The default is pretty good, though can be touchy on some things, like certain phone or birthday fields. Once I got around to figuring out how to add the name for certain fields (which can be viewed through their 'form details' option) many of those problem fields stopped being a problem. I really like how it will save a often-used forms so that all you have to do is choose that form from a right-click dropdown box. I tend to use that most often with forms which include survey questions. I'm using this in conjunction with LastPass at the moment as both add-ons have their little quirks. One or the other tends to work with almost any form (except some of the flash ones). For instance, LastPass actually handles some age range fields while Autofill's default seems to only work when there are exact matches.

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Sandra Grauschopf, About.com Contests & Sweepstakes, says:

You can download Autofill Forms for free from Mozilla's website.

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