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Reader Stories: Lottery Winners' Stories - Tips from Lottery Winners


Do you wonder whether real people ever win the lottery? Lottery winners share their stories here, as well as tips to help you improve your chances of winning.

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Winning Lottery Money to Pay Off the Bills

It was actually a very lucky day. My husband (then boyfriend) and I bought a $10 scratch-off at our local 711. When we scratched it off we were elated to find that we won $300. Then to top it off, wh…More

SuzyScorp wins $2,000 in Lottery Scratchers in One Month

We won $1,000 of a $5.00 scratch ticket and a $10.00 scratch ticket, within a month of each other! I couldn't believe my eyes when I bought the two tickets and was expecting to lose but I had two win…More

$3,900 IL Lottery Winner

Every week, a group of people at his office would pool their money together to buy a batch of lottery tickets. If any of the tickets won - they would then divide up the winnings equally. My husband n…More

$32,000 Win from the Florida Lottery

In 1982 I was on vacation in Florida and won $32,000, I believe it was called Pick 5. I usually travel once a year from Nebraska to Chattanooga TN and then go to Florida for a couple of weeks. So eve…More

Won $5 in a Pennsylvania Scratch-Off Card

When I'm feeling lucky, I'll occasionally buy a scratch-off card. This time, I spent $1 and won $5. So I used the $4 profit to buy four more cards. None of them were winners, so I didn't end up with …More

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