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GoldDiggerLois's First Prize: A Dream Vacation

Share Your Story: How Did You Win Your First Prize?

By golddiggerlois

The First Prize I Won Was...

a vacation of 4 days in the San Juan Islands of WA state. I had entered because I read an article in the AARP Magazine about a sweepstaker and I thought what a neat hobby. A short time later I saw a display at a grocery store for a local beer and it's summer sweepstakes. I entered and won on the fourth week of 10 weeks. We flew by float plane out to the resort which was such a blessing because I chose Memorial Day weekend and the ferry lines are so long. It was a sunny glorious trip and I was so hooked!

My Thoughts About Winning My First Prize

The sweeps was a local (5 states) and 10 weeks of drawings. I entered 10 times (I didn't understand the rules about winning a second prize.) I know a lot more now about the process and I'm thrilled with every prize no matter how big.

The notice came FedEx overnight letter. We live in the country so were puzzled by the truck coming in our driveway. I opened the letter and started jumping up and down yelling "I won, I won!"

Lessons learned

  • I am a mathematician and I studied probability in grad school which has given me an understanding of what makes a "good sweepstakes" to enter. My first sweepstakes had all the good indicators: limited to a few states, lots of prizes, and sponsored locally as well.
  • I have also learned to READ AND FOLLOW THE RULES.

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