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Martyc2's First Win: A 46" Vizio flat screen TV!

Share Your Story: How Did You Win Your First Prize?

By Martyc2

The First Prize I Won Was...

A 46" Vizio flat screen TV! I had been sweeping for about 6 months and had won very small prizes and then in February, I played an "instant win" game by Sears. The type of game was a spin and match 3 symbols. Well, usually I would spin and get the obligatory "sorry, you are not an instant winner" message. But this time, I got "Congratulations! You have won a 46 inch Vizio flat screen TV!" I just stared at the message and called my roommate in to my computer room to verify that I had actually won! In 6 weeks, I had a beautiful Samsung TV hanging on my wall!

My Thoughts About Winning My First Prize

I was sooo excited with this win (worth $1,300) which made me a true believer in sweepstaking! Like everyone else, I have had long dry spells, but the trick to winning is consistency. Don't get discouraged...just keep entering!

Lessons learned

  • I hand type all my entries because I do not want to be disqualified using "mechanical entries."
  • I read every contest's rules thoroughly
  • I only play the sweeps I really want to win.

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