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Reader Stories: Read Examples of Sweepstakes Scams or Share Your Sweepstakes Scam Examples


If you're not sure whether the sweepstakes win notification you've received is real or a scam, read these scam examples provided by other About.com Contests readers. By comparing your win notice to these scam examples, you can tell whether your win is a scam.

If you're still not sure, ask in the Sweepstakes Forum.

Las Vegas Direct Sweepstakes Scam

Also when this guy called saying he was consumer protection and I asked why would they call about a sweepstakes he said because a sweepstakes co is not allowed to call winner so they turned my info o…More

Green Back Money Pack Sweepstakes Scam

The first time he called, I mentioned that this sounded like a scam and hung up the phone. He called again and I did not answer. I received a third call on Sat, March 31 and took down all the informa…More

Craigslist Sweepstakes Scam with MacBook Prize

This Craigslist sweepstakes scam was received by email: From: Angel Thomas To: Subject: About Contests & Sweepstakes: New SweepstakesAttention Craigslist User,My name is Angel Thomas, Ceo of Craigsli…More

IRG Sweepstakes Scam Asks for More and More Money Before Releasing Prize

I receives 3-4 offer in the mail a week stating that this could be my final notice and a list of names of people stating how much money was paid to them; and by name its pending and that I need to re…More

Global Sweepstakes Network Scam - Scam Claiming to Come from Global Sweepstakes

We received a call from GLOBAL SWEEPSTAKES NETWORK in Las Vegas to inform us that we are a recipient of the award. But in order for us to receive the award; we had to call CIGNA Insurance (Florida) a…More

Sweepstakes Clearinghouse Sweepstakes Scam

I was immediately skeptical, I know that utility companies occasionally do promotions, but this didn't sound right. He kept repeating how they tried to deliver my prize, and now the car is in storage…More

Scam Claiming to Be from Publishers Clearing House

I said no they kept calling me every 15 minutes saying that they were waiting at the airport. I wouldn't give in, told them to keep the $100,000.00 cash and to mail me the check they kept insisting t…More

Las Vegas MegaBucks Sweepstakes Scam

Got a phone call from 9142727906Received a call from supposedly Las Vegas, Nevada that said I was a $3 Million winner of a Las Vegas Megabucks Sweepstakes and that a car came with the cash. However I…More

Nigerian Postal Money Order Scam

Send you two Postal Money orders Then send a second letter telling you second one was in error to send them the money to cover second one. Money order out of Symrna GA and sent from Englewood NJ a Go…More

Publishers Clearing House New Year's Scam

Got this letter in the mail. Signed Andrew Goldberg, President and CEO of Publishers Clearing House and this big check. Said 'to collect your 3rd place prize contact your agent in charge, James Henry…More

"Citigroup" Sweepstakes Scam

I received an email from a Mr. Stephane Sandro, he is an executive officer in the Grant Redemption Unit from Citigroup. Also, another name in this email was Mr. Guillaume Matteo, he is a Public Annou…More

PCH Sweepstakes Scam from "Annie Marquez"

This morning I received a call from "Annie", stating an agent from the U.S. Custums Border Patrol would call me. I grabbed pen and pencil. This Agent Clifford McKnight, badge no. usg 8132, called, te…More

Pacific Financial Services Sweepstakes Scam

Advised that I had won $250.000 but I needed to deposit the Cashier's check ($4,450.00) and return a money order by Western Union ($3,950.00) for non-resident Taxes. to a Shelly Bruce (Tax agent). Th…More

Scam Telephone Call from "Megabucks Sweepstakes"

Sweepstakes official said I only needed to answer a few questions: 1- Do you have a mortgage and or credit cards?2- Do you wish the ceremony to be public or private? (if public, do not tell until mon…More

Scammer Asks for Directions to Home - And If You're Alone!

I had entered some contests, but I was almost sure I hadn't entered Publishers Clearing House. The person asked for me by my maiden name. I asked him what I had to buy to win; he kinda hesitated then…More

Publisher's Clearing House Mercedes Benz Scam

The delivery company said all I had to do is send 386 dollars to a tibita martin in Kingston, Jamaica and they would deliver the two cars and the two checks. AFTER I SENT THE MONEY, they called again…More

Example of Email Scam Promising Money from Overseas


Scam Telephone Call Claiming to Come from PCH

Of course, I was very exited and told the man how much we needed the money and what a God send it was, and that I had prayed for weeks to win something. And that winning the money would spare us from…More

Otonita Reports a Scam from CutestPetContest.com

We entered a crappy photo to this contest to see what would happen - and of course, it was "selected" to be in the book! I actually found it online and saw that it seemed very similar to the poetry c…More

Scams Claiming You're an Heir or Beneficiary

This scam goes right to my email, and most of it goes into my spam mail, thankfully. Usually, the email starts off by stating their name and what their job position is. Then they go on to tell you th…More

Sweepstakes Check Scam Appearing to Come from IWON

I received the notification by mail from a law firm in Illinios, it had what appeared to be legitimate information on the letter, and was written using plenty of legal terms. It appeared to be real i…More

Nokia Lottery Scam Example

This was an email sweepstakes scam. Sender: a random email address at gmail.comSubject: THE NOKIA 2009 ONLINE LOTTERY PROMOTIONSample of the email: We are pleased to inform you, the result of the fir…More

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