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3.7 Million Dollar Prize Win - Actually a Scam

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By Maureen Hollenbeck

Summarize the Sweepstakes Scam

I believe I am in the middle of a scam right now. In early January I got a telephone call telling me I won 3.7 million dollars and a new car. I had to send a check to a lady named Pam somebody who had a title. I was reassured by Mr. Brown that this check would never be cashed. He thought I was going to put my winnings into this bank. I told him I plan to use another bank for that. Supposedly the check has been returned to me, but I have yet to see it. I was next instructed to send a $399 to a man in TN. Again the check was not going to be cashed. The latest chore for me was purchase a Money PAC reloadable cd.

More Details about the Sweepstakes Scam

The latest I need to go to my bank or ATM to get cash. Then go to a store where I can get the money card loaded with my $599.00. Once this is done I am supposed to call Mr. Brown so the delivery of the check to me can take place. Despite Mr. Brown's assurances that this is not a scam and he is an honest man, I am suspicious. Scam? I think probably. Keep trying to find other similar experiences but cannot so far.

Tips and Tricks

  • The voice is a foreign sounding voice yet the name is very American.
  • Everything associated with this is over the telephone with nothing in writing.
  • The sending of checks was stupid on my part, but I stopped payment on both of these.

Sandra Grauschopf, About.com Contests & Sweepstakes, says:

This is definitely a scam. Any time a sweepstakes asks you to send money before you receive a prize, you know you are being scammed.
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