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Las Vegas Direct Sweepstakes Scam

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By katlet1

Summarize the Sweepstakes Scam

I got a call from a so-called consumer protection agency in Washington telling me I won $450.000 from SWEEPSTAKES CO Las Vegas Direct. But when I called the number for verification of so-called check and had to call back this consumer protection guy to deliver check by co called sonic air and when asked he said it wasn't a scam but never told me till end of all the promises that I had to go to western union or money gram place and send $4,500 in order for the check to be released to me. I said no way am I doing this and this is for sure a scam and was told I was a fool and that no sweepstakes co gives money without a charge. BE CAREFUL HE WAS GOOD!

More Details about the Sweepstakes Scam

Also when this guy called saying he was consumer protection and I asked why would they call about a sweepstakes he said because a sweepstakes co is not allowed to call winner so they turned my info over to him at consumer protection as he said I never responded to sweepstakes winnings notice. I told him I never got any notices an this guy was good to degree he then quoted a wrong number in my address to make me think the reason I didn't get notice of winnings was due to sweepstakes co having wrong address. So he gave me the number to call the sweepstakes co called Las Vegas Direct and said they would give me confirmation number to call this consumer protection guy back with and that once I did that then he would release the $450.000 check thru a bonded delivery co called sonic air. He told me all fees were covered and there would also be a check for $4,500 for me to pay to have the check delivered. But then after I played along without giving any of my info to him and I called Las Vegas Direct number he gave me to see if it sounded legitimate and they said congratulations you won $450,000 and gave me the confirmation check verification number and told me to call back Mr Wislon at consumer protection because when I did not contact Las Vegas Direct from notices they sent they turned it over to consumer protection to contact me is also what this guy from the so called sweepstakes Las Vegas Direct co told me. So then comes the scam finally and I call back Mr Wilson at Consumer protection so he said and give him the so called check verification number for $450,000 winnings and he says it will be delivered to me between 4 and 6 next day by sonic air and I said isn't that an airline co and he says yes and they are also a bonded delivery co who can deliver amounts over $80,000. So I continued to see what would happen and then came the catch. When he told and assured me all along that it was real and there were no catches and would not have to pay a dime to him. But he then at the end tell me to finalize this and for me to get my winnings Id have to go to a money gram place and send $4,500 or 1% of my winnings to a company called Lords of London to bond the winnings check so it could be delivered to me.Then when I refused and called him on the scam the sweepstakes guy got in on it and tried to put me down deem me stupid saying no sweepstakes co gives out money with out the winner having to pay something. Also when I would not agree to the amount they said let me see if our financial support can reduce the fees.

Tips and Tricks

  • Thenumber could only be called from my number and no other number.
  • When you call a consumer protection agency more than once, the same person would not always answer, and for me they did.
  • I do not think if u really won a sweepstakes that you should have to pay anything to receive winnings.
  • When called Las Vegas Direct only got them if called from cell phone & when I tried from my landline it kept ringing busy or a automated message said the party can not be reached please leave a number. I don't think a legitimate sweepstakes co would have a message that doesn't include who they are?
  • They became accusatory when I found them out
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