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PCH Sweepstakes Scam from "Annie Marquez"

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By Bonnie Burroughs

Summarize the Sweepstakes Scam

I was called by a "Annie Marquez" telling me I had won $250,000 from PCH. They couldn't reach me by mail so they called on phone. I received name of sender, check no. and claim no. A package was too be delivered the next day by courier. I was to have photo ID ready. In this package was to be a letter from an attorney, i would be responsible for all taxes, if I talked to anyone claiming to be from PCH I was to call them. I received phone nos. and when I called it back, they answered PCH. Nothing more happened for 7days. I had told Annie, I didn't believe it, and thought it was a scam then. Fast forward 7 days.

More Details about the Sweepstakes Scam

This morning I received a call from "Annie", stating an agent from the U.S. Custums Border Patrol would call me. I grabbed pen and pencil.

This Agent Clifford McKnight, badge no. usg 8132, called, telling me who he was, and from Miami Dade Border Patrol. I was told my package, including check for $250,000, had been stopped while coming in from San Jose, Costa, Rica. Thinking it may have been laundered money he inspected contents, supposed to have had the FBI in on clearing everything. Thinking I might have been in a money Laundering scam had FBI check me out too.

He said he had been in touch with PCH and found everything to be on the up and up. So the call to me. All they needed was $2850.00 from me too clear the package to be mailed to me. He said if I wanted I could call a Mr. Cooper to see if PCH would pay this fee for me, that PCH really felt bad all this happened and they really wanted me too have this 2nd prize.

So he gave me a no. of Mr. Cooper of PCH, he told me I had to pay this fee myself, I told him I thought the whole thing was a scam, I would never pay for a prize. He told me I should do it because look at the amount I would be winning.

I told him I was going to report all this to the officials. I hung up, and haven't heard another word. I did call the FBI after I talked to him, gave them all names, phone nos. I had, and she kind of chuckled when I told her they "had me investigated by them". The agent told me she thought it was a Nigerian scam.

Tips and Tricks

  • I felt when I talked to "Annie" the first time something didn't feel right and I told her that. This morning really did it when they wanted all that money. Something didn't feel right than either. You never pay to receive a winning contest. I think they thought I was somebody who would believe all they were telling me. They were too "nice", really wanted me too have this money, after-all it was mine. Please people, listen too your gut feeling about this. Yes when this started I kept going too no, it's a scam to well maybe it's not, after all they did answer the phone when I called, hello, you have reached PCH

Sandra Grauschopf, About.com Contests & Sweepstakes, says:

Excellent job noticing this scam, since they really went the extra mile to fool you! Remember that PCH itself is legitimate, but many scammers use their name without permission. Read my PCH FAQ to find a number you can call to verify whether any win from Publishers Clearing House is real or a scam.

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