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Readers Respond: How Long Did It Take to Win Your First Sweepstakes Prize?

Responses: 101


winning is everything

Ive been doing it for a month now. Ive entered hundreds of sweepstakes since I have the time. I won a ballcap tshirt and a gym bag which made me very happy considering i spend several hours a day doing sweeps. Just hang in thier your time will come.
—Guest bill

Off to a good start

I started sweeping about 3 weeks ago. My first week I snagged myself a steak dinner at "Outback Steakhouse." I considered that a good start to a new hobby. I spend a couple of hours a day at it. I'm a big dreamer. Lord, I'd love to have the remodeled farm house on Chesapeake Bay. (HGTV)
—Guest patricia

Don't give up and dream BIG

I've been sweeping for a month now, and have won some small gift cards ($20.00), some kitchen utensils and a closet organizer. I am excited every day to chech the email and love dreaming of the "big one"! I mostly love surfing for sweeps after my routine of daily and weekly entries, am never surprised at what I find with little interest on it and big money or prizes. I don't pay attention to the expiration dates on the far-out dated sweeps, if I win, it will be a surprise!
—Guest Small time - so far!


I won a soda the first day and have several coupons--after 3 weeks, nothing yet. Trying to find the less entered contests.
—Guest Chrissy


My first win was a $50 check from Mounds/Almond Joy candy bars. That was over 28 years ago and I've been entering since then. I've taken breaks but always come back to it. I've won a lot and will continue to enter. It's funny how sweeps do news shows and then people want to start entering thinking they will see immediate results. Then give up because they don't win right away. When I tell people I do this and win, they tell me I'm lucky. Well, you can't win if you don't enter. Someone even told me once that I am a scammer because I win. When I'm doing my taxes, they sure don't think I'm scamming when they get their cut. I will continue to enter and any prize I win is GRAND to me. Some of my wins include cash, trips, televisions, appliances, gift cards, t shirts, sporting goods, toys, candy, food and two cars to name some of the items. If you want to win, you've got to enter.

Free dog food

I started sweeping after I watched the TLC show. It took about two weeks until I won. I won a free year of dog food! I'm thrilled! It's high quality dog food and will really help us out money-wise
—Guest alacarteblanche

First Win

I too saw the show and started sweeping...won my first prize 1 week later; wasn't a big one, I did win...I've slowed down some, but I won't give up, some sweepstakesa haven't ended yet...Good Luck all!

My first wins

My first win was a $10 dollar gift card from a mail- in sweepstakes a few weeks after I entered. My first grand prize was a car 6 months after I started entering sweepstakes.

About 2 months

I entered in a teenvouge contest once and one day package arrived several months later haha ! Recently my sister won some candy. Id love to win something bigger though. Never give up you never know what youll win!
—Guest parii


At first i did not no what I was really doing until I learned to do searching for games, then seam to get better at it started winning and winning and so on its alittle luck and alot of key words and determination

Won a Gift Card

I actually one a gift card for Kmart/Sears. I could not believe it at first but I won. It sure made life better for us enabled me to buy the little person clothes and us a stove after our's broke. Don't give up on winning it does happen sometimes.
—Guest KG

Francesca Sanderson

I have never won a prize. I have been trying for many years. I will keep trying..
—Guest Francesca Sanderson

Quick Wins

I have won quite a few things starting the very week I entered my first sweeps. I have won things like a computer, kitchen appliances, a party with everything included, books, jewelry and more. My mother won a car on her first sweeps entry. I enter only for the gifts I really want to win and enter often and consistently.


I won a insantg win prize from loacker 3 days after I first started sweepstakes and have another instant win from tassimo a month later . have won a lot of gift cardsand movie tickets from local radio stations the past 2 years, now my wife asks if I have won any retaraunt gift cards so we can get a free dinner

Unlucky Lady

I started entering sweeps several months ago and so far, absolutely nothing, not even a tshirt. Well, trying to decide if I really want to continue this, although I really need a break. Disabled, on fixed income and pretty destitute at this time. But I have to say that I've never won anything thus far in my life and that's a long time! LOL!
—Guest Nothing so Far

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