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Readers Respond: How Long Did It Take to Win Your First Sweepstakes Prize?

Responses: 145


About a month

I started about a month ago and yesterday I received a package in the mail from Gray Poupon. It was a couple of crystal champagne flutes. I also received an email from Hellman's/Best Foods that I won one of two of their weekly $100.00 gift cards for groceries. I was happy!!

Won a little

Took about a month to win anything of value. If its instant win, see if you really want a digital download or a coupon. I don't bother playing for stuff I dont want. I go in streaks but in about 6 yrs I have won many gift cards, travel, electronics, pet food rugs Beats what I used to shop online. This is much cheaper. Definitely use roboform
—Guest Delawarebarbie

random entering, random winning

I had no idea people did this for a hobby and I just entered things for fun. I seem to win magazine subscriptions and I one won an inexpensive silver necklace and that's doing this once in a while. I'm going to try harder - I'm back in school and in order to continue I need a few things like tires. Anything can happen, just remember your happiness doesn't depend on winning.
—Guest ten

Won right away and continue to enter

Won 5 day trip to Vancouver BC Jazz Fest within month after starting two years ago. Since then, have won a few smaller ones locally (radio/TV stations) $500 in gas, two night stay at local casino, free lunch at work, for example. Get into a lot more of them now then I used to, but since I have gotten accustomed to it, I usually only need an hour or less each day.
—Guest Jay

Starbucks coffee for a year

I entered this contest for about 6 weeks daily and on Christmas Eve the UPS man arrived with a small package and I remarked "I wonder what this is?" He said you probably won a million dollars. A year'sworth of Starbucks Coffee. Yes! What fun!
—Guest Joan


started sweeping over the summer as a hobby. so far my biggest win was a Michael Kors watch , eye wrinkle serum, keds shoes and tshirts... I have never won anything before so this was really exciting.. I have since then started entering sweeps daily although some days i get a little tired i am hopefully for a big prize


Me and hubs been sweeping for about a year- within one month of starting, he won all expense paid trip to LA to attend a movie premiere. We have also won lots of other things-- $500 camera, $500 gift cards, movie passes, thousands of dollars worth of small things like cups, face cream, pens, etc. However, we sweep nightly, hours at a time while watching TV.
—Guest kim

6 Months

I won $500 giftcard, nice pair of high heels, and a men's expensive shampoo during my first month. I don't enter much now, but I'm planning to again...
—Guest Abby

1 win in 8 years

I have been sweeping since I first got my yahoo ID, lol, when I was 40 years old. One win so far and that was a year subscription for Better Homes & Garden, from entering the Purex Sweeps. I am trying to be optimistic, really. I still keep entering.

Wow It Does Happen!

After 2 years of entering, I Checked e-mail mid January, It read, Congrats! You Won The Call Duty Jeep, ie $39,080 And $5000.00 Cash. It Does Happen
—Guest Gary

two time winner so far...

I have been entering in sweepstakes for a long time, since I was 18 then I stopped never won anything huge just a video game, I am now 21 and you can enter in anything you want so there's a bigger range so I started back up again. I ended up winning a 200$ coffee maker, so excited with the win!
—Guest winner

Beginner's Luck

Last year I started entering sweepstakes all the time for maybe a month(?) . Then I got bored and stopped. I received an email maybe a month later, thought it was spam but read it anyway. Turned out I won the State Farm Can I Get a Hot Tub sweepstakes worth $9,000.00. And to think I was going to delete that email. Ha! Haven't won anything since but, I'm still trying!
—Guest T

Sweeping for 2 and a half years

After all this time, I started winning in the past 3 months, really nothing before at all. A home office set up worth 5000.00, an Ipod classic and a 50 dollar gift certificate
—Guest Christina

I won right away

I started doing sweeps last August of 2011 right away I won a Star wars light saber valued at $39.95, There was the grand prize and then there were 5oo light sabers,It was a sweeps thru cartoon network, since then I've had mostly small wns, because of instant win games, burts bees lip balm,Loreal mascara,$10.00 American Express gift card,$10.00 Walgreens card,$10.00 sports academy gift card,3 coupons for a free bag of Oberto jerky,a bag of skittles,skinny cow ice cream coupons,I won a student survival pack for college kids which consisted of a hooded sweatshirt,a screen T-Shirt,plain T-Shirt,a bag of socks,boxer briefs valued at $65.00,one free movie ticket,5 X-factor posters(the same one)Bic Atlantis pen,Bic permanent marker,$10 amazon gift card, $15.00 concert cash,other wins that are silly but it's fun, I wonder sometimes if it's worth doing but then I remember it's just a hobby not a career,I try not to take it too seriously or I will get bummed out,I never quit

won in two days

book, amethyst bracelet, angry bird, pantene, hunting frame backpack
—Guest deb

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How Long Did It Take to Win Your First Sweepstakes Prize?

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