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Readers Respond: How Long Did It Take to Win Your First Sweepstakes Prize?

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I have been entering contests for about 10 years. I spend about 1/2 to 1 hour each night entering. Sometimes I will go months without winning, but I have won two airplane tickets, a computer, gift cards and lots of little things over the years. My daughter wins something almost every week. Lots of movie tickets, gift cards, and small things, but also a trip for 2 to Atlantic City and an airplane ticket. However she spends about 3 hours a day entering. So it is all a matter of statistics. The more you enter the better your chances.


I've been 'sweeping' for about 2 years now and it does take a bit of work, but it's worth it in the end. I've won several small promotions and all of them were useful for the family like groceries, health and beauty products and even formula for the baby. I won a great educational toy too through FB, so I say just keep on going and the benefits are around the corner.
—Guest Gmom

Took three months for me to win

I started entering sweepstakes last year around late august, I won an x box 360 with kinect that november. I quit sweeping shortly after that. Just started back about a month ago. So far I have won 7 free baralli meal coupons, a 25 dollar american express card, a coupon for a free bag a skittles candy, and a coupon for a free bag of chips. All from instant wins.
—Guest Teresa


Have been sweeping for 1 year and a half and still nothing except a travel mag so not liking this yet
—Guest drillset


I started "sweeping" February of this year to try to help out since i'm staying home with our new baby for a while. I have won tons of little stuff, food, coupons for free products, clothing, gift certificates, beauty products, books, coffee cups, movie tickets. etc. Most recently I had a big win...1000$ gift card to Walmart which we used to stock up on groceries, school supplies, and a new car seat. Best thing ive ever done!
—Guest Jen

A fruitfull year

I have been sweeping for the last year (eff Aug 17). I have won a ton of small instant wins... all fun. Many small($50-$100 range). In the last two weeks I won a $3000 prize package, and a Year of Gas ($2250). I find it helpful to keep track, and look at the "big picture" and not the last couple weeks or months....over time it IS profitable.

Sweepstakes Luck

I won in trying these contests. In three months I won a bike and a trip to Thailand. The interesting thing that people don't realize is by entering a trip sometimes you are not the first prize winner. I was number five in winning the trip to Thailand. The others turned it down!!! You never know!!

3 years

been sweeping fairly extensively for almost 3 full years. havent had much luck. i won a pack of dentyne ice valued at like 98 cents first. about a year and a half ago though i won a $25 exxon gas card through a GMC contest but i live nowhere near an exxon out in the bay area so i still have the gift card today. saving it for a trip i guess. but still sweeping hoping to get something
—Guest Kyle

Not yet!

I have been entering contests for many years. Back in the "80's I won a brand new American Pacer car. Other than that, nothing since! I'm hoping I get lucky again now that I know about your contests.
—Guest Ebelleboo

Won several items and $1000

I started sweeping two years ago. Living in Portugal, it's not always easy to find sweepstakes I can enter, but all in all, it hasn't been too bad: I won a set of linen towels, an e-book, $1000 and $1000 worth of bracelets. Recently I have won a ticket to a sumer festival in my hometown. I enjoy this immensely!
—Guest Marta

bummin' but still entering

August will be one year and I've won an NCAA march madness T shirt... never saw it, I also won a gift certificate to a tex mex place... closest one about 2000 miles away... I did receive a bumper sticker. Anotherwords, I aint won jack!! There were times that I had files for daily contests and I put in two to three hours a day sometimes entering 2 to three hundred contests. Now I enter one time contests and facebook contests, (most are one time), and a select few daily contests. I'm hopeful but realistic. I'm not ready to give up, let us see what the dog days bring. Good luck to all and have a great 4th of July!
—Guest Robert

Won a stuffed dog then an SUV Hybrid

Been sweeping a little over 3 years and won a the Cheez-It Escape Hybrid. I took the 25k in lieu of vehicle. On a side note I only won because I was tired of filling out forms and subscribed to to roboform. I went back to the Cheez-it site where I had been a few minutes before I got my subscription to roboform and was just trying to see how the auto fill worked. The funny thing is I didn't either bother to enter before because I didn't really care for the vehicle. Turns out it was an instant win site and the next screen that came up said Congatulations!!! You've won a 2012 Ford Escape Hybrid. All I can say is timing is everything . Just keep entering because you can' t win if you don't enter.
—Guest Justwingingit

It took a while

I had been sweeping off and on for a couple years with no luck. Any time I saw a contest for something I wanted, I entered. I stopped for a while and just recently started back up. I almost immediately won a all expense paid trip to New York (I'm in California). Exactly 1 week later I won an all-expense paid trip to New Jersey with 3 day passes to a music festival. I now have my sister sweeping and I have my fingers crossed that she'll get a win soon. I stopped going for bigger prizes since I don't want to owe too much on taxes next year, so now my goal is a tablet (preferably ipad), and I also go for smaller things like cosmetics. Best of luck to all!
—Guest JJP78


I started last Summer. After a month I won 2 cartons of Breyer Ice Cream. I try to enter an hour or two a day depending on the day. Since then I have won several small gift cards, a few CDs and about 20 books. Nothing big yet but you have to enter to win.
—Guest rmarsh


Ive been sweeping for about 3 weeks.. and I won an instant game which was a lighted beach ball.. my boyfriend made fun of me, but hey a win is a win.. :)
—Guest sweeping for about 3 weeks

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How Long Did It Take to Win Your First Sweepstakes Prize?

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