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Readers Respond: How Long Did It Take to Win Your First Sweepstakes Prize?

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loving this!

My first week I won two things in the instant win game...a bag of chocolate and a pepsi t shirt....I was so excited....yesterday (after doing this for only 2 months) i won a $1,000 gift card through lucky magazine. I am also a radio fanatic, and ALWAYS win concert tix from the radio....The biggest thing I have won in my life though is a trip to Maui Ill be talking this October...thanks to the radio
—Guest 1 week

Patience Pays Off

First win took about three years - I won a $40 gift card from a movie sweepstakes and just last week won a $5,000 cash win from Diaper Genie Energizer Dream Nursery sweepstakes
—Guest LeeLee

It Didn't Take Long

I won a 1982 Jaguar at a local dealership drawing about 2 years ago from there I won a blender and a Jack Daniels golf bag in local sweepstakes. I just found out recently that I could do this as a hobby. Since I seem to be pretty lucky I started entering online sweepstakes at the beginning of March. So far I have won 10 music downloads, a guitar a Tassimo Brewbot coffee maker, a Scotts Snap seeding system, 2 sets of 2 movie tickets, a t-shirt and a pack of Halls. I am waiting on my big win. I would love to win a trip or a car or something really worth a lot. I will win so stay tuned and hang in there. You can't win if you don't play and I always believe I'm going to win. Positive thoughts and a little work each day goes a long way.

took 6months to first win

won 250$ and draft key chains from runner up prize on espn then won ruby tusday gift card for 25$ and have won things ever since in last few years but there are dry spells ladyluck comes and goes my biggest prize was a trip worth 3,500 all inclusive to jamaca

I wont give up. I wont give up.

I enter for at least a hour or two every day. I have been sweeping for years. Computers make it so much easier. I have won two 10:00 book cards from Nestley. Awaiting their Arrival. Like I say I wont give up. Thanks for your encouraging words.words.

longhair steve

just wanted to say thanks for the pep talk...I've won one book in the last couple of years...I haven't given up...One of my goals is to enter only the ones I would like to win!! Good luck in 2011 Steve!
—Guest Jacki

Coming up roses

I've been entering sweepstakes since Sept. Last week (first wk in Nov.) I won a dozen roses! My wife is thrilled as am I.
—Guest IT Driver

I won *All Smiles*

Hey I enterd a contest for a gas card and it REALLY came (50 $) not bad on a Saturday moring .....I am all smiles rite now
—Guest mikko

I won!!!! I really won!!!!!!!!!!!!

After only two weeks I won a bag of cough drops from Hall's instant win. It's only up from here baby.

First time

I entered a contest at my co-op.. A trip to Washington! All expenses paid. Hotel, spa certificates (500.00) whale watching tour, trip to cascadin organic farms, rental car, air fare, and 500.00 spending money. Needless to say, I now hooked! I enter lots of sweepstakes all the time. It's been almost two months and I am excited to find out what's next in my stars!! The hgtv urban oasis in New York is in my prayers... That would be incredible.
—Guest Lisa

3 months

I won a trip after about 3 months from Regis and Kelly and then three months later another trip from ESPN weekend to DisneyWorld and $1500 gift vard to Dick's sporting goods. I have also won video games, shirts, books, toys and even a pair of underwear. I have been doing tis for a year and it is a great hobby. Somedays I have time and somedays I don't. It is worth it.

No delay!

I think I won the first time I entered anything! I was a child (don't remember what age) and won a train set at a trade show of some kind that I was at with my grandmother. I've won a lot since then: tickets to a radio station's concert, tickets to a Patriots game and on-field access during the practice, tickets to Cirque du Soleil, a basketball, third season DVD set of The 4400, blanket from Lands' End, $100 gift card to Boston Interiors (waiting for that right now), gift certificate for a massage (that I'll probably never use because it's for a hotel's spa in Vermont), a Lia Sophia bracelet that I gave to my sister because it wasn't my style, underwear from Jockey, and tickets to the New England Dessert Showcase. "Sweeping" has become my new favorite hobby!
—Guest Amanda

I win every month

I've been entering contests for years and had a few dry spells..but now I win something at least once or twice a month sometimes at least once a week. Instant wins are the best.. I always win free gift cards...always...keep trying enter everyday and only enter prizes you really want. This will help with time issues. I've entered contests that the prizes were uhhh and then when I win ..I just give them away or throw them away...so make sure you actually want that movie promo prize etc..before wasting time entering. Cash prizes are the best!!!!
—Guest jill

I Won in the First Week

I won a 10.00 Visa card and movie tickets the first week I started playing. I stopped sweeping for awhile and started again three weeks ago and have won a 30.00 Chili's gift card, two soccer balls, free credit reporting for one year, and today I won something, don't know what I won yet, from the milk instant win contest. They say it can take up to three weeks to find out what my prize is.

Four days!!

Out of the blue, I entered several sweepstakes while home sick....and bored. Four days I got an email saying that I won Ryan Seacrest's "Pimp My Dad" sweepstakes....a grill, a camera, an iPod docking station, a walgreens card and an iTunes card. I filled out my affidavit and w-9 the next day and today, eight days later, FedEx just delivered everything but the Walgreen's cars (which is getting sent directly from them). Needless to say, I was thrilled at winning anything so soon. I was fully expecting to maybe win a t-shirt or something in a few months. I'm happy when I receive a crouton sample in the mail! I now definitely have sweepstakes fever and look forward to my next win, big or small, whenever that may be. Good luck to everyone out there!!

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