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Readers Respond: How Long Did It Take to Win Your First Sweepstakes Prize?

Responses: 101


about 3 months

I entered quite a few sweepstakes early spring and I won my first sweepstakes this June!
—Guest nyclife

3 then 6 months

I first won a couple instant prizes from a Bare Escentuals survey contest 2 or 3 months after I started. I began to think that was a fluke due more to the time consuming nature of the contest, but after about 6 months I suddenly started winning numerous little prizes and 1 larger (MacBook Pro).

It took a year to win my first prize!

At first I only entered contests I really wanted to win, with big prizes. Then in the past few months I started entering more instant win contests, as well as one time entry contests, and in may I finally had my first wins! $25 gift card, bag of personalized m&m's and a $15 credit for nascar.com. What a thrill to finally win something! I love the "possibility" of the big win ($$$) and I'd love to win some prizes for family too.

It took three months

It took three months before I won anything. The first big prize was pizza for a year. I have had many small wins since, but no big ones yet after 2 years.

Within three months

I won a camera,will get it when the campaign is over, and I won 2 spoon rests,coupons,tongs,rubber basting brush all from Kikkoman, I enter about 200 contest a day. I had to cut way back you can get burned out. But this is fun.

Surprisingly quick

Have only been playing for a couple of weeks and just received a small prize from Kikkoman of a nifty spoon holder. Not worth much, but it shows you can win SOMETHING if you keep at it.
—Guest TheDragon

First win

I started entering contest June 2009. I had my first win 2 months later I won 100.00 visa card from coke. In September I won a drive a Lexus for a week and in November I won a 42 inch plasma TV.

About a year and a half

I won a small case of stride gum. (sugar-free goodie!) That is all I have won over 2 years of sweeping. Really wanted to win something for the razzing I get for entering them. Doesn't seem worth the time as yet.
—Guest anne

1st Day!!

I won a $25 gas card from GMAC on my 1st day of sweeping! It's been about 2 months since then, and I've won a $250 Mastercard, a jar of Pace Salsa, and a Plano Tackle Bag (ARV $49.99). I love my new hobbie and can't wait for a giant win!

It took me 14 mos. to win my first prize

Even though it took a little while to win my first sweepstakes, it was well worth it. I entered a one time, only one grand prize sweepstakes from Star Magazine. This is what they gave the stars that attended the Academy Awards. It had top of the line prizes, including a designer dress, jeans, Bluetooth, MP3 player, high end make-up, and facial creams, luggage, one month membership to a gym in L.A. and much more, the ARV was $4,365. Funny thing was it was my third win and I didn't know enough about sweeping to realize how hard this was to win. What a THRILL!
—Guest carole jacobs

A Week

I won a small instant prize the first week I entered. It was so much fun I kept entering and kept winning, including a 50" plasma tv the next month.
—Guest Syndee

My very FIRST sweep and I won.

I never really bothered to enter in any sweepstakes, but I came across a chance to win a vacation for 4 to Universal Orlando Resort while reasearching online and decided to enter, all I had to do was sign up for the newsletter (which I didn't mind, because i liked the website seussville.com) and the next thing I know, I was the grand prize winner. I took my vacation a month ago and enjoyed every second of it. I enter more sweepstakes every day to try out my luck!
—Guest Aubrey D.

Don't Win Too Often

I have been entering sweepstakes for as long as I can remember- maybe 20 years. Oh the internet has changed things a lot, but I try to stick to things I really want because it is time consuming. I won a car after about 9 years. I won $1000 once from an essay. I won a few small prizes too, but lots of time into those entries. Not very productive, but it is a hobby, not a full-time job. Don't count on any wins, don't waste your life on it, but allow a certain amount of time each day and stick to it.
—Guest cas123

1 Day

I came across contests.about.com on a Friday evening and wrapped up my first win by Saturday evening:- a $25 gas card. It will come in very, very handy this time of year. This is a great hobby for folks with some extra time and internet access. Keep focused on the things you want, and don't spend time on the things you don't :) Just like the rest of life. And, of course: lather, rinse, repeat.

Six months

I believe I sweep approx 50-60 sweeps a day, its become a hobby. Its fun and better than gambling :). I finally won after 6 months. I won the sylvan learning.com sweepstakes. I won a week of tutoring, which I will let one of my daughters use. I have faith I will continue to win. I think of myself as a winner.
—Guest faith

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