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Readers Respond: How Long Did It Take to Win Your First Sweepstakes Prize?

Responses: 101


3 months

I started last year in October sweeping and my first win was a Blackberry phone from Marie Claire in December and I gave that to my daughter. I started entering these sweeps for a car for my daughter and still haven't won it yet, but I am a patient person. I then went and won a Nintendo wii, psp, and several books. The only gift card I won that I actually received was $100 from Hershey's and they sent that really quick. I only enter the sweepstakes that I want to win. I am picky what I enter. I used to enter 500-600 sweeps a day and that was way to many for me, and I have backed off that quiet a lot. I enter the dream home giveaways and also believe that it is a matter of time before I win something big.

first win took about 3 months

I won a rocking horse - had to assemble it but it was made so well that it almost put itself together. Over the years there have been dry spells but about the time I think I'm wasting my time, the UPS truck stops in front on the house. Then I'm 're-addicted' and off I go again. Still looking for a car or tv but that's the fun part.

First Win, Small But Exciting!!

I started entering sweepstakes on a full-time basis, approx. 18 months ago. This past April, 09, I won my first sweeps from constant various entries, and this particular win was from Oprah's Magazine, O. It was exciting that it was from Oprah b/c, well, b/c she's Oprah! What I received was a bunch of items, designed to be used for a dinner party. Several items were made in African countries from volunteers and there were a lot of nice things, and according to "O," the prizes were worth $500! It was really nice, and lots of fun. I haven't won since, and I started to really stop enterting, but just started up again. I figure, if I don't play, I can't win!!!!

Be consistant

I started entering contests on 4/02/09. Since then I've won 19 times. Trip to Florida for the Coke 400 at Daytona, a $13,000. ARV plus $50 ea. from Macy's, Sprayon and Secret Deoderant, $349 subscription from Microsoft Thrive, Tickets to see Journey and Heart, $10 ea. from Meijer's and Starbuck's, coupons from Pace, Kraft and ITO EN green tea, Hair care kit from Paul Mitchell, tickets to the county fair, Original Red Man Tin sign, water bottle, T-shirt, Turner Classic Movies, Trigger X fishing lures. All of this in just 6 months. So don't give up. Be consistant, and enter everyday. Make 3 files, 1 for contests you entered, 1 for contest rules and 1 for contests you've won and what the prize was. Make a copy of the rules for each new contest you enter, so you can review them when you win a prize. Good Luck to all. Your day will come. And be happy with each prize. Big or Small.


I have entered contests daily for 2 years, and read all the contests blogs, finally won a second prize essay entry from Dole this month
—Guest ShirleyB

Not long, to my surprise

I mailed off for the official rules to a contest and a free game play. Well when I got the free play, I took it to the toy store. The cashier informed me that day was the LAST day of the contest. She scanned my game piece and a light went off at the register. I didn't know what to think at the time. Imagine my surprise when I was escorted to customer service and the manager informed me that I won a Nintendo Wii.
—Guest sheppe14

Three months

My first win was a $10 Rite Aid gift card three months after I began sweeping. Then six months later I won a car.

Pic dog

I have been entering every evening for 3 years and have only won a lava lamp. I don't know why but I just use #10 envelopes.
—Guest Carol Pickerel

Quite a While

It took me about a year. I'm just into cash and electronics. In the last two months I hove won a Soney PSP plus games, a $75 visa card and a $10 starbucks card. All of a sudden things are rolling in. Don't give up.
—Guest sgregis

I won within the first two weeks of ente

But I'd entered so many don't know if it was my first entry, last...It was small wins - two series that are good but not too thrilled about - hadn't learned to try to play a list of one a days, 24 hours, instant wins and go through one times after - AND ONLY spend time with sweeps you really want to win. I won some other small prizes, seems as long as I play consistently I win - the big ones take a long time to end and longer to pay off so for all I know I've won big! I've won a a 100 dollar gift card to a clothing store - gave that to my mom for her birthday - 100 dollars worth of art kits and a cool book from Klutz - save that to my niece for her birthday - a lot of books... Oh I play a lot of blog sweepstakes now BTW - the prize worth is often lower but your chances - much higher! I like instant gratification - AND - don't have time to keep track - so I usually play expiring sweeps so I can find out the next day. Unless its a big item like a huge toy like step2 kitchen or

Way too long LOL

It took 8 months for my first win but, I have been winning steadily ever since

small win first time

I played a Century 21 sweeps and won a very small Amazon coupon the first time I played. It took over a month after that to win a Marathon Card (ten dollars) which will probably take several more months to arrive. Prizes seem to take a long time to get delivered in these sweeps, long after the game has ended. I haven't won anything for the last couple of months and I play at least 100 sweeps a day. I guess winning's just hit or miss.
—Guest hitormiss

'Other people win sweepstakes'

I never really entered sweepstakes very often, I always thought 'other people' won them (I think that is a common thought!). I did win a $100 in groceries about twelve years ago, pre internet days. Then about a year ago I started entering the Dr. Pepper caps online hoping to win baseball caps for my sons. I won one, which they shipped immediately, so I kept entering them as I drank it everyday. Then I was notified I won the trip to Egypt!! I was hooked from that point, and in the nine months since I won the trip, I have won one other big sweeps, and many smaller ones. Just this morning I found out I won the GoVios Blog contest! I love my new hobby, I don't see me ever giving it up. And thank you About.Com and Sandra for your efforts in this wonderful site.

5 months

After 5 months of sweeping daily I won a nintendo wii system. It just takes time and persistence. Also, reading about other folks winning in the forum can help when you feel like you'll never win. You shouldn't expect to win any particular prize, or any number of prizes per month or year. Winning should always be an unexpected surprise, and it'll make sweeping much more enjoyable if you don't expect to win.
—Guest justafoo

Six weeks

Didn't do it as regularly at first but won a pair of shoes from onlineshoes.com. Nice ones!

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