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Readers Respond: How Long Did It Take to Win Your First Sweepstakes Prize?

Responses: 101


Sorry to say..

..been 8 years now. I started sweeping right after my wife and I split up. (I guess I figured I could win at least at something). All this time later I've won a rocking chair, a Disney Cruise and 2 ultimate movie tickets (worth about $100 each). For me it's not just the prizes but it's the POSSIBILITY of prizes. When I sweep each day I think about what I'd do with this or that. How much I would enjoy a trip to wherever. So don't sweat it. It's about the journey, not the destination.

I won quickly!

I found this site while looking for sweepstakes to enter, I have never considered myself a lucky person, but decided to try it anyhow. I read the advice, telling me not to get discouraged as it can take about three months to win your first prize, so I put my head down and went at it with full force, determined that my first few months of not winning would not get me down. I never even had a chance to get that feeling of discouragement, my first win came 3 weeks after I began my sweeps, and the second two weeks after that! I am so thrilled at this point that even if I don't win anything for a while now, I am in love with the experience, and will continue to enter each day to see what else I can win! Thank you for the encouragement!
—Guest Meighan

It took....

a few months to win a prize and then about 6 months to win my first big prize.

Slow but finally

It took 6 months for my first win which was a $25.00 gift card and 4 more before I won again but ince I started they seem to keep coming.

Got my first small win

I won a T-shirt on an instant win game. This is my first win after about six weeks of entering contests daily.

4 months

I just won my first win about 2 wks ago. It was a $100 instant(still waiting to recieve it). My 2nd win was a week later. It was a star wars toy. Cant win if you dont try.
—Guest GonnaWinBIG

my wins

i've been playing sweeps for about 10 years now. My wins have been very sporadic - sometimes a year between anything. My biggest win was a $5000 cruise - about 8 years ago. Just this last month, i've won a t-shirt and (2) $10 prizes. You never know when - it just happens.
—Guest roy

3 months

It took me about 3 months to win my first prize. My win was (is, as I haven't gone yet) a trip to Curacao.
—Guest Andy

One Year

My first win was a Nintendo Wii system after one year of entering more or less regularly.
—Guest Casagirl

About 2 months

It took me almost 2 months to win my fist sweepstakes prize. My first win was an instant win, a tony stewart hat from armor all.
—Guest daniel

About 3 Months

My first win was a video game for the Nintendo DS game console. It took me about a year longer, but I eventually won the game console to go with it as well!

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