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Readers Respond: How Long Did It Take to Win Your First Sweepstakes Prize?

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techno widgets

I've won a Nano iPod and a Palm Pilot; both were door prize drawings at professional conferences, not sweepstakes. Still, I've started entering dream home giveaways, home improvement sweepstakes, etc. and believe that it's a matter of time until I win. How much time? hmmm... we'll see!
—Guest docdocwhosthere

1 or 2 Days

I won a loaf of bread either my first or second day. (IW) After 1 year I have won around $900 in gift cards/debit cards/free food coupons. Plus many, many other instant wins and surPRIZE's that just showed up at the door from USPS/UPS/FedEX.

1st timer

Got involved with a driving game and was the high score after about an hour. Didn't rejoin the contest, as it had a month left. 1st prize was 10K and a trip 2nd a trip etc. Anyway, ended up winning some xbox games. Had I paid attention, I could have won the whole thing easily. Oh well. Won some nice Binocs, and a hat. Not spending a whole bunch of time, but have paid for my time so far.
—Guest auc1913

My First Win

It took me quite a while to win something, after entering sweepstakes for several months. I was really just about to give up, when I won some great things from the Oprah magazine! The theme of the prizes were a dinner party, and I rec'd lots of nice stuff for entertaining people. After I won that, I reazlied, No! Don't give up.. If I gave up, I wouldn't have won the Oprah gifts! It does take a while to win stuff. It's not that you're unlucky or cursed, lol, which I used to think of myself, but it just takes time. Good luck!

A little over a year!!

It took me about 1 year to win my first prize. It was a $250 Build A Bear Gift Card. It was a very exciting win.
—Guest Alisha


I started seriously entering in March and almost immediately won a 3 night ski vacation for 2 to Sun Valley, Idaho. At first, I didn't believe it, as I didn't think enough time had passed to win, but I must have entered the last day of the contest. I just won $50 in free movie tickets last week! I'm convinced that "sweeping" is the way to go!

1 month, then bam!

It took me about a month and I won a personalized book for my son. Then they started coming in sporadically but I have won an X-box, small cash prizes, board game, and a live horse! Then I got busy and quit for a few years and am back to it now. I am glad I ran across this article because it is easy to get frustrated. Don't give up!
—Guest fireball_v

A little over a year..

I just started winning in the last few months. $100 gas card, $25 Room a Day giveaway, and a tshirt and beach towel with Kraft Mac & Cheese. Still waiting for a big win, but it's only a matter of time!
—Guest Mary

5 months later...

I started off with just a few sweeps, so I believe that's why a minimum quantity is needed before the win critical mass is acheived. My first win came after about 5 months. After that level is met, repetitious entries, and patience keeps me hanging in there. Having a great Guide doesn't hurt either.

It took awhile

I remember reading Sandra's advice about it will take at least 3 months, I won a 50 dollar gas card from Ryan Seacrest and an instant win from HELLMANS, (havent't got it yet) I'm pumped and addicted

Two Months of Serious Sweeping ...

until I won a $10 instant prize. It takes time and determination!

First Win

My first win came about 6 months after I started and it was a CD. I waited 1 1/2 years to win my first big prize a TV. Now a year dry spell.
—Guest mrshodge

7 months

It took 7 months. I won $50 from General Mills, Family Dollar. It was an instant win to be mailed in May to me.
—Guest Emily

One month till win

I entered a local contests, for circus tickets, I won them within the month. That was April of 2008, I have been hooked on sweeps ever since and constantly winning every week.

Sorry to say..

..been 8 years now. I started sweeping right after my wife and I split up. (I guess I figured I could win at least at something). All this time later I've won a rocking chair, a Disney Cruise and 2 ultimate movie tickets (worth about $100 each). For me it's not just the prizes but it's the POSSIBILITY of prizes. When I sweep each day I think about what I'd do with this or that. How much I would enjoy a trip to wherever. So don't sweat it. It's about the journey, not the destination.

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How Long Did It Take to Win Your First Sweepstakes Prize?

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