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Readers Respond: What's Your Favorite Lucky Symbol or Good Luck Charm?

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Good luck charms are a fun way to make yourself feel luckier. A positive attitude is a great way to improve your luck and help you win more sweepstakes. If you don't have a lucky charm already, you might enjoy reading about common symbols of luck. If you do have a favorite good luck charm, I'd love to hear more about it!

Cyber Rainbow Charm

A Cyber Rainbow is my good luck charm! Good luck to all!
—Guest Cyber Rainbow

My lucky symbol

My favorite lucky symbol is the cross -- bronze, gold, or wood.
—Guest Ralph

Lucky charm

I have a green lucky charm care bear, its small and fits in my bag. I carry it everywhere, and never leave it home. I've had it for 20 years.
—Guest Barb

Unlucky Charm?

While I was out and about, I saw what looked like a perfect lucky charm. It was a ladybug sitting on a four-leafed clover, which you could stick onto something. I thought I'd use it to decorate my monitor. I peeled the protective plastic off the sticker, pressed it to the side of my monitor... And it immediately fell off, bounced on my desk, and disappeared. It took me over a year to find it again - typical of my luck! So instead, I use a small rubber cow on a keychain, which my sister gave me. It might not be typical, but it sure is cute. (It has, however, been joined by the ladybug on the clover, which seems perfectly well-behaved, so long as it's not expected to stick to anything!)

No Luck

I know many might disagree with me, but I don't think I believe in luck. When chance coincidentally favors you, you exclaim "How lucky is that!" and when chance happens to not favor you then you say: "Aw man! I'm so unlucky". I think the real key to winning sweepstakes or being luck, if you will, is to be persistent and play everyday. Although I agree some of those lucky charms are very pretty :) I think lucky charms are really just about making people feel more optimistic and to cheer you up if your not winning. I think they can also be harmful though if you attribute any success you ever have to a lucky charm. Sorry to get so analytical and introspective, I'm a psychology and philosophy major, lol.

My lucky charm

This is my lucky charm:my hello kitty phone charm because the day i bought it i found out my husband was going to propose and then i found 20 bucks on the ground
—Guest Zam

I Know, I'm a Nerd

Mine is a Complete Works of Shakespeare book my dad got for me in second grade. I named it Bill. It is shaped like a large brick, but I bring it with me to tests, and I got into the best school in my city, so I guess it works.
—Guest Belle

sun charm with k in it

we found it in the snow we picked it up ever since we had been having good luck.
—Guest bob

my girl

I swear my girlfriend is lady luck. Whenever I see her, the next day nothing ever goes wrong. Days she doesn't even text me, I swear I get in more trouble than I did before I meet her. She goes hunting with me I get a giant buck. We go fishing, I get the biggest northern caught in that lake. plus she's insanely lucky herself. lol
—Guest calen d.r.

My magic "clover"

I've been singing on a stage since I was 13. My first time was the musical "Horton Hears A Who" and our "clovers" were just yarn pieces tied together in a little ball and we all got one. Ever since then I have always had luck with almost everything I've attempted if it was in my pocket :) Even as a freshman in college I bring it every where I go :)
—Guest Taylor

Lucky pendant

my dad gave me a necklace one day. i wore it at school and i got so lucky! i got into the top 10 but when i lost it i wasn't able to recover my top. now i'm using a homemade keychain but there's still no luck
—Guest Aly

Strange luck

I have an american one dollar coin that i recieved after a trip to america, i got it from a token vending machine and didnt know why it wouldnt work, anyway ive cleaned it up and its all shiny and its its been good luck ever since.
—Guest Harry

lucky fairy

My good luck charm is a small pewter figurine of an fairy I keep on my desk.
—Guest elliot

Lucky Euros

I found a 5 Euro note after a trip to Europe a few years ago, I now carry it in my wallet wherever I go. So far nothing too terrible has happened to me while I had it with me. so, so far so good.
—Guest Billy Friedman

Akatsuki Ring

My charm comes from when I was obsessed with Naruto. Pretty stupid. I wear Deidara's ring on a chain around my neck. I have for almost two years now.
—Guest Susan

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