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Readers Respond: What's Your Favorite Lucky Symbol or Good Luck Charm?

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Good luck charms are a fun way to make yourself feel luckier. A positive attitude is a great way to improve your luck and help you win more sweepstakes. If you don't have a lucky charm already, you might enjoy reading about common symbols of luck. If you do have a favorite good luck charm, I'd love to hear more about it! Tell Us About Your Charm

Cyber Rainbow Charm

A Cyber Rainbow is my good luck charm! Good luck to all!
—Guest Cyber Rainbow

My lucky symbol

My favorite lucky symbol is the cross -- bronze, gold, or wood.
—Guest Ralph

Lucky charm

I have a green lucky charm care bear, its small and fits in my bag. I carry it everywhere, and never leave it home. I've had it for 20 years.
—Guest Barb

Unlucky Charm?

While I was out and about, I saw what looked like a perfect lucky charm. It was a ladybug sitting on a four-leafed clover, which you could stick onto something. I thought I'd use it to decorate my monitor. I peeled the protective plastic off the sticker, pressed it to the side of my monitor... And it immediately fell off, bounced on my desk, and disappeared. It took me over a year to find it again - typical of my luck! So instead, I use a small rubber cow on a keychain, which my sister gave me. It might not be typical, but it sure is cute. (It has, however, been joined by the ladybug on the clover, which seems perfectly well-behaved, so long as it's not expected to stick to anything!)

No Luck

I know many might disagree with me, but I don't think I believe in luck. When chance coincidentally favors you, you exclaim "How lucky is that!" and when chance happens to not favor you then you say: "Aw man! I'm so unlucky". I think the real key to winning sweepstakes or being luck, if you will, is to be persistent and play everyday. Although I agree some of those lucky charms are very pretty :) I think lucky charms are really just about making people feel more optimistic and to cheer you up if your not winning. I think they can also be harmful though if you attribute any success you ever have to a lucky charm. Sorry to get so analytical and introspective, I'm a psychology and philosophy major, lol.


One day when I was heading for school I found a penny on the ground. Thinking it was suitable for a good luck charm, I picked it off the ground. But I will never forget the day that had been the most unfortunate. After a normal day at school, I was taking the TTC bus back home, but I missed it by a few seconds! Waiting for the next bus , I opened my bag to finish some homework. But I realised I forgot to bring it! Frustrated, I began playing Temple Run 2 on my phone to pass the time, but it was low on battery. I got mad at myself for not remembering to charge it last night. I began to watch cars go by, waiting for my bus. I heard the bus come, and stood right up. When I was almost at my stop on the bus I looked out, I realised I forgot to get off my stop and went 3 stops more! When I got home, I was exhausted and tired and frustrated. I went straight to my room and threw away the penny out the window! I never saw it again...
—Guest Somebody

two lucky elephants

I went on holiday to Spain and got a bracelet with two elephants on it and when I got home I've been getting grade A and A*on my science tests which I never had before. Now I wear it to every test I have.
—Guest gina

My lucky charm

My lucky Irish penny brings me good luck The Irish say "'tis the greatest lucky piece on the face of this earth."
—Guest nancy harrer

Don't Like

I don't seem to be lucky with any of these... I don't like it.
—Guest Scringe Talding

lucky charm was jn my dream

I had a dream that i had a small uncarved white marble pig in a drawer in my kitchen. I tend to follow few dreams that i find are messages to me. I went on ebay and searched for it and one item came back. Same shape, same size from china. So i bought it!
—Guest suzy m

My Lucky Charm

Today i'm going on a roadtrip to My Grandma's place. When I arrived , My grandma surprises me with a cute Hellokitty necklace ! It was so pretty with a pink ribbon on it. I always wear it, everywhere I go (except when Bathing) and when I sleep, that necklace always under my pillow. And a week after having that necklace I found a Lucky clover and horseshoe pendant and bracelet! It always bring me luck :)
—Guest Aurellia

Lucky Key

Found an old skeleton key that still actually worked on all the upstairs doors. Thought it was interesting now i use it as my good luck charm. My daughter is my real good luck charm she was the New Years baby/Millenium for my area born jan. 7 (strange i was surprised to hear i had the new years baby) she was born at 7:44 weighing 7 lbs
—Guest Wynema

Butterfly Pendant

My mom bought some jewelry years ago, well because she had spent a certain amount the store gave her $250.00 store credit for another piece. I happened to be with her at the time, she said pick out something, this will be your birthday gift. So I found a beautiful gold and diamond butterfly. It reminded me of the butterfly that landed on my shoulder when I was a child. It was summer and I outside by a neighbors fence chatting with her, when it landed on my shoulder and didn't leave til our conversation was over. It was the strangest thing and its never happened again since that day. So my gold butterfly reminds me everyday of the little visitor who occupied my shoulder one summer:)
—Guest Alana

Tell us about your lucky charm

My lucky charm is a green heart! My son spotted it yrs. ago in a special store when he was on vacation with Grandma or 'Skinny' as we affectio nately call her! My mom & his aunty Vicky (one of my 'sis') who se always looking out for him! My Son Chaz still holds the 1 spot in my heart & at picking out gifts for me, his mom! He was 7yrs. (at the time), but he's always had a nack to buy me things I like reg. things, but with a wild 'spin' on 'em! or gifts that stray from the norm. He picked out an awesomely beautiful green w/ a marble shine on it. I was in Love when I saw it! I put it on a gold chain my husband had got My Fav.& Luckiest Charm Ever!! won on a scratch off $ticket$777the m my sis to loan him approx. $20 to bring me my it! If they're green! I'm a big N.Y.Jets NFL)
—Guest BabyRock16

My lucky charm

This is my lucky charm:my hello kitty phone charm because the day i bought it i found out my husband was going to propose and then i found 20 bucks on the ground
—Guest Zam

Tell Us About Your Charm

What's Your Favorite Lucky Symbol or Good Luck Charm?

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