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Readers Respond: Sweepstakes Advice for Beginners - Tips for New Sweepers

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Are you new to the sweepstakes hobby and looking for great advice about entering sweepstakes? About.com Contests readers share their best tips for entering and winning sweepstakes. If you're an experienced sweeper yourself, share your best sweepstakes advice. What do you wish you had known when you started entering sweepstakes? What one tip has helped you win the most prizes?

Track your wins

Write down your wins, even the very small ones! Looking back on my wins keeps me motivated and makes me want to keep entering.

Stay Organized

There are several different ways to keep up with the sweeps you enter, be sure to choose one you're comfortable with. Some sites include those tools or you can make your own system with folders or Word documents. The volume of contests can be overwhelming but starting out with a plan can keep it from stressing you too much. Sweeping should be fun, not another job. It sometimes seems the more I concentrate, the fewer wins I have but if I relax a little, the winning starts again. Remember, enter and then kiss it goodbye and go on to the next. Be positive that you can win and you will be pleasantly surprised!

Yes, Only Go for the Prizes you Want

There is no point to entering sweeps that you would not be happy winning. READ the rules twice, so you will not be wasting your time entering a sweeps that you are not eligible to win. Enter local sweeps that are exclusive to the area in which you live or state exclusive, the odds of winning are higher.

How i won

I kept entering more than one time. Make it multiple times and you will have better luck
—Guest judith jorge

Don't Get Discouraged

Have fun with your sweepstakes hobby. Don't get discouraged when you go for a long time with no wins. They are bound to come and then you can't beat the feeling when you see that package on the doorstep or receive that letter in the mail telling you there is a prize coming your way. When people say to you " oh, I never win anything", most of the time its because they don't take the time to enter.
—Guest lakesgal


Try to enter more local contests, the odds are way better.
—Guest christi

Be Thankful...

Whenever you win a prize, be sure to take a minute to thank the sponsor for your prize. Also mention your thanks for the sweepstakes itself, this may encourage the sponsor to run another sweepstakes in the future!

don't let it take over your life

It's fun & relaxing to enter sweeps, but if you've got kind of an addictive personality, be careful to set a daily/weekly time limit for yourself, so that you're not ignoring your family or other obligations - - because then it causes problems! LOL
—Guest raymondlover2


If the sweeps asks for a phone number and you do not have one some sweeps will not accept your entry. If the sweeps states no P.O. box address then do not put one in. It will be rejected. Use the correct size papar or card. Do not write you NAZT if the rules say print. Use the correct color ink. If the rules say print in Blue or Black ink do not use any other color or it will be rejected. Print the address as it is given. Do not take any short cuts unless the rules state you may do so. Keep a record of how many entries you may submit. If you send in more then your allowed then all your entries will be rejected. All that postage is wasted because you did not follow the rules.
—Guest JOE

Be organized

I put contests into monthly folders with the expiration dates in the contest name. some contests will continue to let you enter for weeks after the contest has ended.. what a waste of time!
—Guest katie

Watch Out For Scams

Stick with the better-known sweepstakes newsletters to avoid the aggravation of phone calls and letters from crooks who obtained your information via a phony sweeps. They will be trying to solicit payment for bogus "insurance" or "mailing charges", etc. Legitimate sweepstakes sponsors never ask for payment up front for anything.
—Guest Jim Marshall

Go for the prizes you want

The best advice I could give someone about sweeping is to only enter sweepstakes that have prizes that you (or someone close to you) genuinely want. You can’t possibly enter them all, so spend your time, energy, and effort into winning the prizes that will make you happy…no matter how big or small!

Enter, enter, enter

My best advice is to consistently enter. That's the best way to win, and be sure to enter local sweepstakes.

Enter Sweepstakes with Lots of Prizes

If you're just getting started, you might feel like you'll never win. Sweepstakes with lots of prizes have better odds. Once you get that first win under your belt, you'll feel more positive about entering sweepstakes!
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