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Readers Respond: What Are You Thankful For About Sweepstakes?

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thankful for

I am thankful for my family and knowing that I still have a job..don't know for how long..but I still have it for now...I know that this is a sad time for many, but we must all make the best of what we have...each other....thank you
—Guest catcopas


having thanksgiving with my family is always hectic but enjoyable. I was so thankful for my brother finally getting married only to arrive at the dinner and find out they are getting a divorce, yep I'm thankful I have my darling husband still. amen!
—Guest ms444125

what I am thankful for

Friends, family, good food , being able to contact others, games, movies, sports, shopping, art, just everything really. pw.
—Guest drama

Reasons for Thankfulness

It was almost 50 years ago that I started entering sweepstakes. My first big win was the services of a maid for a week. I had just delivered our twin daughters and I was thrilled to have this service to help me in the home. Each and every win since has been a joy and a blessing. Many I have shared with others and given to others as gifts. From the ton of 7UP which filled half my garage , to the high end computer, I never had one before, to the snowblower , paddleboat, lawnmower, cash, shirts, hats, gift certificates; they all seemed to arrive at a time when most needed. Sweepstakes are such a fun hobby who's benefits can bless not only you but many others. I am so grateful for this site that is such fun to navigate, enter the various sweeps and then dream about the next win whether its a big one or small, it doesn't matter. It's the thrill of the whole process.
—Guest Patricia


I'm thankful that we still live in a country where we can worship our god and not have to hide to do so. Istill wish i could win one of the sweepstakes my husband and i really need it.

thankful for the sweepstakes

I'm thankful to be alive, I thank my god for all of you, especially you, Sandra. Sweepstakes gives me something to do whether I win or not.
—Guest hubert


I am greatful to have Thanksgiving help me to remember indians who had lived here american before white peoples arrived here this land.They start a war then later they became friend because they brought peace together and have a wonder Thanksgiving.I learnif,I became friends with people if they want peace or war.We need bring more peace in other country that help me what peace is for and what is our freedom for me.Why,I don't make war and"why am,I here for bring peace or war.I am glad,I had a great time Thanksgiving is very important to remember in our life continue in the future.We must do same thing as long time ago what friendship is for.
—Guest Heather


Thankful for my health, my wife and family. If you can read the sweepstakes rules thank a teacher. I'm thankful to be both literate and computer literate. I'm thankful for my my health, if you can see the screen and type and click then you have some basic health. G*d made a beautiful world so I'm thankful to be able to log off and go outside and enjoy it.

being thankful

Sweepstakes give me something to believe in. to hope, pray for.
—Guest shirley

my youngest son

i am thakful for my son he quit breahing when he was 6 months old and had a lot of operations he is 45 now and he is the sweetest boy he tells evrey one he loves them, i am so gratful he is still with me,he is the best young man i love him so much.i am so gratful godis in my life.
—Guest ruby archer

MY wonderful husband

He has been ill and we need your prayers, his name is James Thanks so much
—Guest Glenda


I am grateful for my life,my health and my family,my grand kids
—Guest Garry Korb

I'm thankful for ...

... the wins I've had this year -- small stuff, but very appreciated -- but more so for the hope that sweeping brings me. I can't afford a kitchen renovation, but I have so many chances to win one, and I'm certain that one day I will.

What I'm grateful for! (Sweepstakes)

I am grateful for everything that I win, from the single Sobe to the trip to Egypt. I'm also grateful for the great sites that list all the sweeps, but most of all I am grateful for the friends I have met online. I have met some great people through sweepstakes, people that I would have never known otherwise.

Eating Thanksgiving due to $100. win

This has been a very rough couple of years for us. Family deaths, unemployment, foreclosure. A week ago, less than two weeks before Thanksgiving, last Monday my husband lost his job. No severance, no unemployment (they are closing the office and he was only hired less than four months ago) I had no idea what we'd do for Thanksgiving dinner and after crying for days we decided to "farm" the kids out to other peoples houses. I hated to split us up on Thanksgiving but I wanted the kids to have a traditional dinner and not really know quite how bad things are. (They are 12 and 15) THEN out of the blue I won $100 American Express gift card! I received the email and was so excited I could hardly stand it. Then after writing a note explaining the situation the sponsor Federal Expressed the card to us so we'd receive it in time for Thanksgiving and GUESS WHAT??!?!? We're EATING TURKEY TODAY. Together. As a family. It's the best gift I've ever received. Happy Thanksgiving EVERYONE!
—Guest tksinclair

What're You Grateful For?

What Are You Thankful For About Sweepstakes?

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