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Readers Respond: What Are You Thankful For About Sweepstakes?

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When people think about sweepstakes, they often focus on the prizes they could win. I've shared some other reasons to love sweepstakes, beyond prize value. But now, I'd like to ask you - what are you grateful for about sweepstakes? Is it a prize you won, a person you've met, or a feeling you've had since you started entering? Whether your reason is silly or serious, share what makes you thankful about sweepstakes.

Healthy Family

I am so grateful for buy heathy and my families health. I am also grateful that I have a job and i am able to get up everyday and walk, talk, see and hear what is going on around me.
—Guest AmberJ


I'm thankful for my family and the memories we create that puts a smile in my heart! Thankful for this site for sharing all the great prizes information that are out there for winning and providing an opportunity to win things I could share with others.
—Guest ~CARMEN~

Fellow Sweepers

Fellow sweepers are a gift for which I am grateful. What an encouraging, sharing, humorous and giving group of people I've had the fortune to meet. I hope each of you win the prize you need the most! I also give thanks to sponsors who choose to put their marketing dollars into sweepstakes!
—Guest Aimen

God Bless my MOTHER!!

I am most thankful for my mother who is not only a great parent, but a wonderful person and friend. I have had a rough time lately and my mother has been my only salvation and for her I am thankful - she gave me life and keeps on saving it!!
—Guest KQ321

Grateful is as Grateful Should Be

I expect that it is just plain Fun to Dream and Sweepstakes help a person dream and wish til their heart's content and full of all the visions of what life might just hand them one day be it money, a trip, a car or some other prize. it's still fun to think, dream and hope. It's all part of the 'don't give up the ship' just yet! I would be ever so Grateful to win a house, a car and some money Right now!
—Guest Annie

Paying it forward!

I have been blessed in my life. One of my many blessings was my wonderful mother, who had a passion for food, and feeding those who were less fortunate. I won my first sweeps recently, which was a gift card that I vowed to spend on feeding the homeless. I am grateful for winning the contest, and being able to provide meals for the homeless.
—Guest Beverly


I'm grateful for my cat lacey she is 7 years old and she gives me unconditional love. I got her about 3 months after my cat snowball died from liver failure.I believe she was sent to me because i was so sad when my snowball died, lacey has lifted my spirits and made my heart open up again. She gives me lots of love and joy in a world that can be filled with hate and anger when i home home from work she is always at the door to greet me likes shes saying welcome home. So she is what im grateful for!!!!
—Guest tami rosado


I am thankful for life, and all those who touch my life everyday.
—Guest Lorelei

I'm Grateful For The Little Things

I've never won a large sweepstakes, but I'm thankful that I have been given a chance to enter them. I love to read about the winners that really need to money or the prize. The size of the prize doesn't always matter. It reminds me of the time when I was fortunate enough to win a small monetary prize just when I needed it. Back in my early college years I had the fortune to win 50 dollars from a local radio station. The money came just in time to buy an textbook, plus I had about 6 dollars left to to buy dinner! (this was the 80's) I had no idea where I was going to get the money for that book and I was a week behind in my reading assignments so I was very grateful. Sometimes it's the little things that amount to a lot!

Wine, Chocolate and Long Hot Bubble Bath

In 2007, I was diagnosed with Graves’ Disease, a thyroid disorder that can wreak havoc on a person. Imagine, if you will, living with post-partum and menopause wrapped into one and then times it by ten! Most people would run for their life but not my husband – God love him! The poor guy continues to support me the best way he can which usually ends with, "Anything you say, Dear!" It’s been a very long and bumpy road to finding the new me and I would never have been able to do so without my husband, kids, family and friends!
—Guest Blossomwinds

Thankful to learn new things.

I'm thankful. too have a chance to learn new things and to show love in thoughtful ways through the hardest of times despite my limitations.
—Guest nathan walton


Iam thankful for the strength ,the faith and the love I have for my children to raise three lovely girls on my own without father to help at age 16, I remember all the sacrifice I had to make for them
—Guest Olivet

the opportunity to win something big .

Sweepstakes gives people who can't afford to buy something the opportunity to be able to get something they really want, like a house, a car, or exotic vacations.
—Guest mobenah

Thankful for Sure

I am so thankful that I found the perfect partner and mother for my children 25 years ago this April. It is so rare to be able to find that perfect someone to share your life with as best friends, lovers, and parents. Talia makes me so happy every single day because I know that she has my back, shares my successes, and she is there to catch me if I fall. I am also so thankful for our 2 beautiful, healthy, and intelligent children. Thay make our life insane in the best way possible! I will always be thankful that we stuck together when times were tough for our family and now I am thankful that we can help others that have fallen on hard times...These have been my blessings...

Thankful for

Everyday that I can get up ..FRIENDS and FAMILY I have never won anything but someday maybe I will it help me so much with my disable, I try to spell the words right and read a lot of time I do not understand and thank God for the backspace..
—Guest eatonmc2425

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