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Readers Respond: What Are You Thankful For About Sweepstakes?

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When people think about sweepstakes, they often focus on the prizes they could win. I've shared some other reasons to love sweepstakes, beyond prize value. But now, I'd like to ask you - what are you grateful for about sweepstakes? Is it a prize you won, a person you've met, or a feeling you've had since you started entering? Whether your reason is silly or serious, share what makes you thankful about sweepstakes. What're You Grateful For?

fun fun fun

I love to spend free time entering sweeps, just because of the possibilities of winning something cool.I have started this recently and I am fairly new to sweeping but I have won a couple of times in instant win sweepstakes, which boosted my enthusiasm to take it as a fun hobby.I already received a prize and waiting for the next one, no matter what's the prize of the item the thrill of winning makes my day.
—Guest yummyfun

Hope in my Heart!

Sweepstakes allow me to believe that there is hope that I might be able to crawl out of this hole I've fallen into. Hope that when my unemployment runs out in a few weeks, if I still haven't found a job, that I will have miraculously won enough money to feed my daughters, and keep the utilities on until I do find a decent job, and maybe even be able to afford Christmas and birthday presents for my beautiful angels. I am thankful for having sweepstakes to keep me from falling into despair.
—Guest KristiKay27

im thankful for God saving my son

May of last year my son contracted menigitis.we first thought he had flu he was given different medicines but he seem to get sicker. he called me on the phone ,he sounded strange ,i told him to come over to my house, he came over and didnt sound like himself, when he talked he didnt make sense,i called ambulance,he didnt know where he was, he talked like he was having a stroke. we went to the e.r. the first hospital i didnt like,i tansferred him to another one.thats when they told me he had menigitis.the doctors told me he was so sick that if i didnt bring him in he would have died.my son had seven lumbar punctures in his spine over the course of six weeks hes been in the hospital. he wouldnt eat and lost alot of weight he had to drink ensures to build his weight. he was critical for a while.last month he celebrated his twenty seventh birthday. not only he gained his weight hes almost 100% he lost his memory and gained it back im greatful h'es alive and well through God and prayer
—Guest lynnette lucas

A Class Act!

I'm not the luckiest person alive, but then again, I don't think I'm the unluckiest either. Just kind of down the middle. A few years ago, I won a contest from the Oprah Magazine, O. I like to go to Oprah's website from time to time, and one time, I entered a sweepstakes, which I forget the title of. Anyway, I forgot about the sweepstakes and one afternoon, while I was at home cooking dinner, FedEx was a my door, for me to sign something. I opened the big enevelope, and wouldn't you know it.. I was the sweepstakes! At the end of the cover letter, there was a women's name and title, offering her phone number, if I had any questions.. I called and she was lovely. They did everything by the book, and when I received the goods, I was impressed a but not surprised by how lavish some of the gifts were. After all, this is Oprah we're talking about! I won kitchen and dining stuff, like knives, cloth napkins, recipe books, recipe holder, and more. Oprah is a class act - she really is!

The Amazing Experience of Sweepstakes

I am grateful that I have this fun hobby, and dream about vacations, or cars that I could never afford to do or buy. It is relaxing and interesting.....and sometimtes I actually learn something about a far away place or country. I have been fortunate enough to win a couple of small items, and it is a wonderful feeling. I m so appreciative of this amazing experience of sweepstakings!!
—Guest Stacey Branger


i am thankful for sweepstakes because a skype.com popped up and i went to that and skyped with my mom who i have not seen for 13 years. i called my brother who i have not seen for 5 years and we skyped for 1 hour and 30 minutes. i will never forget theses priceless golden moments. i luv them so much.

My Grateful for?

I say for everybody have good time,remember our Lord ffirst,help other sisters and brother,god bless you. Mrs.Sandra when I will win?
—Guest Glenda Perez

I am thankful for so much :)

I'm thankful for so much...I have Lupus and Fibromyalgia and about 22 years ago had to go on disability. Since then I've lost a leg due to a knee replacement...but God let me keep my positive attitude and sense of humor...without these I honestly don't think I'd be here. So, most importantly I'm thankful I am...and also for the best and most wonderful 2 people who come in to help me. They help me but allow me to do what I am able to do which is important to me. I also began entering these contests and keep hoping to win a trip or money for a trip to get away for a few days lol. I enjoy it :) So, thank you very much for bringing us these contests :)

thankful for

Today I am thankful for the warm weather we are having, its minus 3 below, a yard full of wood, a table full of food, my family and all my friends.

Thankful for

I'm thankful that I had the chance to save a puppy that was by our elementary school in freezing weather. She has brought so many funny moments into our lives and also into our other dogs' lives.
—Guest Yvonne

Thankful is a frame of mind

today I spent Thanksgiving in a small truckstop where it was noisy,with some family,and though it reminded me in a meloncholy way of times past with tons of family ,I missed the smell of the rolls, the smiles of the young ones in love, the hugs of the elderly waiting to see those who were younger.. but the company was good,the buzz of the crowd was worthy of merit because in truth, we are all in this together and being together in a peaceful situation,is certainly worth it's weight in gold..I choose thankfulness for peace..
—Guest lcollver

I am thankful for my future rose garden

We couldn't afford a pool, but I am having a great time turning our court yard into a sweet smelling rose garden with all kinds of different roses for different purposes. Climbing roses ground cover roses, roses in pots, hybrid tea roses for bringing bouquets indoors. I am very thankful for the beautiful yard and garden I have been given.
—Guest littlepinkdaisy

What Am I Thankful for About Sweepstakes

Sweepstakes keeps me smiling through the tough times. I look back and remember or I look forward to something they may just happen


Hi Sandra, thank you. I am grateful for the Lord Jesus Christ and he allowed us to be here on this thanksgiving day. smile Also, thanks for giving me a chance to win on this sweepstake paper/newletter. Peace, Emma Johnson.
—Guest emma johnson

Grateful for....

I am grateful for the obvious...my family, friends, health, etc..but I am also grateful for the excitement of filling out sweepstakes! Just the thought of the possible win is awesome! I love having the hope that I WILL win someday. Happy Thanksgiving to you all! God bless.
—Guest Dawn M.

What're You Grateful For?

What Are You Thankful For About Sweepstakes?

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