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Readers Respond: Do You Use Roboform to Enter Sweepstakes? Why or Why Not?

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roboform user

Yes I use roboform, in fact I have just upgraded to robform 7 to-day, although I sometimes wonder how many of the sweeps I enter get rejected for using it, even though I check the rules....I guess we'll never know, just another cyberspace phenom:
—Guest malcolm1204


I just started using Roboform, and I love it. My wrist started hurting from all the contests i was entering, even with auto-fill. Unless it says key-stroke, I am using it.
—Guest Randi

I Love Robo Form

I love Robo Form! I have been using it for many years and have won some great prizes. I hate to enter sweepstakes that make you manually enter your information - usually skip them.
—Guest JOY

All The Time

I've used it for years & I've won LOTS of prizes ranging from trips & $1000 gift cards down to bag clips.


I skim the rules, especially for a big prize. I hand type for some, but I think most, if not all of my wins are from entries done with Roboform. One was for $5,000. A recent win on SheKnows.com was by Roboform. I like the number of entries I can make in a short time.
—Guest Terry Bonn

Been using RoboForm for almost 6 months

I've been using RoboForm for a while and it's great. It just helps you fill out your same information in a click instead of typing it all out every time. You still click through each page of the surveys, so it's not an Automated Entry. If you fill out freebie sweepstakes or do sites like PrizeRebel where you earn free stuff for filling out surveys and offers, RoboFrom will save you ridiculous amounts of time. This will allow you to complete more surveys quicker so you can earn more free stuff faster.


I use Roboform (free version) and I also use the autofill on Google toolbar.
—Guest jaymac

Using Roboform

I resisted using Roboform for a long time, but I've started using it now. It saves me a tremendous amount of time, and makes my sweepstakes hobby much more fun.


I use it and have won all my prizes with it. I would not be entering all the sweeps if I could not use it
—Guest haawwkeye


I use roboform, thanks to you for the info, and I love it! It doesn't work everywhere but it sure save time. Thank you.

I used to use it

I don't use it now because I prefer to use Chrome and couldn't get it to work quite right. I use Texter presently and the Google form filler. I did use Roboform for many years and still won prizes. :)


I have been using Roboform for several years and will continue to use it. I paid for it and it has paid off in the long run by helping me to win many prizes. I enter to many sweeps to sit here all day and type each one in
—Guest kbishop2


I use Roboform every day. I have won a few prizes: Nail polish, a $10 gift card, Dolly Madison cup cakes, a $50 gift card... all in the last three months. Thanks Roboform!!!!!!!!!!!!
—Guest kolleen


Why Using RoboForm Does Not Violate Sweepstakes Rules RoboForm is a client-side agent that saves you keystrokes by filling forms for you. Web sites that offer sweepstakes want you to learn about their products and to see their advertising. If you use RoboForm to fill forms on these sites, you still learn about their products and you still see their advertising. RoboForm is completely legal, because it does not deprive web site owners of their page views and therefore their revenue. Many sweepstakes rules state that "Automated Entry" is illegal. What they mean is that if a program fills an entry form and clicks the Submit button for you then you will not see their site and you will not learn about their products. But RoboForm does not do that you still have to check results of form filling and click the Submit button.
—Guest goldendeal

yes to robo from

been using it for years got tired of looking up log ins to all the sites I visit just started with the sweeps have not won anything et I will take the chance using roboform to fill actually I did win something a $20 gift cert to HSN u can enter every day and I went back a few times and won $20 gift card but this was b4 I saw the Trya show I saw someone on the Trya show that entered lots of contest and won lots of stuff a freind of mine got me involved in a reading email for cash thing do not know if that will pan out

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Do You Use Roboform to Enter Sweepstakes? Why or Why Not?

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