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Readers Respond: Do You Use Roboform to Enter Sweepstakes? Why or Why Not?

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Do you use Roboform to enter sweepstakes? Whether Roboform is a must-have sweepstakes tool or a road to disqualification is a hotly-debated topic in the sweepstakes hobby. Weigh in on your opinion here! Share Your Opinion

Won Yesterday

First win after about eight days using Rofoform. Twas only a five dollar gas card, I figure that I'll start slow and build. I enter sweeps as a hobby not a business and Roboform gives me a fuller appreciation and enjoyment of my efforts.
—Guest Bruce


I use it, but follow the advice of a regular at Mr Sweepy's site who has won many GP's as well as prizes monthly...I fill in with robo then I tab through all the spaces and for one - usually city, I backspace and type in the last few. I agree, sweepers visit the site, learn new things about the sponsers and many times bookmark the page or sign up for mailings.

I wouldn't use Roboform or anything else

I've noticed that almost ALL sweepstakes and contests nowadays state in the official rules something to the effect of: "Use of any automated system to participate or subvert the entry process is prohibited and will result in disqualification and all associated entries will be void." There ARE some that do not state this, but most do. So I hand type all of my entries...
—Guest ChrisZantinelli

How do they know?

I don't use any complete form-filler, but when I double left-click my mouse over a field, it fills in (one line at a time). I don't think this is Roboform, but might instead be what someone above described as Firefox's auto filler. I asked my computer guy and he said they can't tell anyway, so I HOPE that when I get the message that I successfully entered, that's it's not an affirmation that can later be invalidated!
—Guest Michael


I have been sweeping for 8 years. I have been to the INDY 500, Hollywood, Canyon Ranch, the Biggest Loser in Malibu (the best), won a washer and dryer and the biggest cash prize was 3k. The last year was a bummer, prizes are slimmer, competition is more fierce because more people are out of work. The biggest thing I won was 400 bike and a 200 camera, lots of other 50 and 25 dollar stuff but that is sweeping. It all started with my first win, a pound a coffee and Roboform right here on about.com.
—Guest Bailey's Mom

No Roboform

I enter sweepstakes online by typing. This way, you don't have to worry about Roboform from disqualifying you. Better safe then sorry. I may not be able to enter as much as some people, but I still get in a good amount and know that I won't be disqulifyed
—Guest Rman

$1000 in prizes w/ ROBO IN 3 months!

I've won $1000 in prizes in three months using roboform. My bigger wins were a $280 and a $300 prize. Think I'll hand enter one-time entries from now on if it's a great prize. Except for FB, since they have an auto fill option anyway. FB is where I have won the most and they are by far the easiest sweeps to enter IMO. I really hope roboform doesn't count as an automated entry. It prevents me from making typos and I really want that Corvette that I used roboform to enter with. :)
—Guest ladyluck


I used to win a major prize worth $5,000. about once a year (I spend 2 or 3 hours a day on sweeps using Roboform). For the past 3 years I have won only items worth $100 or less. I have noticed that most rules now say no automated programs or macros. Perhaps that is why I haven't won big. I sent an email to ePrize telling them it is a form filler and that I go to each web site myself and asked if I was disqualifiying myself. My response today from them was NO AUTOMATED PROGRAM period. So am ticked off about this as who wants to type each entry? I'd take me many more hours...Maybe it's time to get a life but there go the fun trips...RATS

Disabled Hands and Handicapped

I think form-fillers should be allowed by all contests/sweepstakes. What about people who are handicapped or disabled by arthritis, contracted fingers, etc.? Form-fillers could be very helpful to them.
—Guest myOpinion

Roboform - Autofill

I've been entering and winning sweepstakes for years. I have never used Roboform but use the Auto-fill in Firefox.


I've been using it since beg. of January. I started out nicely (I won two free passes for a 3D movie) but nothing else since then. I spend one hour first thing in the morning and then another few looking for new contests during the rest of day. I'm a bit dissapointed but will keep on trying.

Another game of "craps"

Believe me if I wanted to play craps I'd of moved to Las Vegas. Rather than doing that I have chosen to enter sweepstakes. Why, to enter my chance of winning something, anything and hopefully money or a major prize.. Listen, most of these Sweeps and Contest have a extended list of rules to qualify where by most except learned individuals or lawyers can understand it. Besides all this my chances of winning are astronomical. Bottom line: I use Robo Form for all contests because there are plethorias of sweeps. Who cares if one is rejected the other 100 entries I initiate may win me something. I do at least 10 a day, if only 50% are excepted that's 300 every month. So, believe me there are many factors to winning. Since I think I will win and believe it, then I will eventual WIN!
—Guest Chivasabia


Thanks for info. I've been afraid to use the program because I wasn't sure if it was legal. It would be terrible to win and be disqualified. But my wrist hurts and I already have to use a brace so I'm going to use it. Thanks for info.
—Guest cooterpond

Can't do without it.

I've been using Roboform for about 2 years and this year I've won over $12,000 mostly in actual money. But this is a good article to read. It won't change anything I do. After all, if the site says "your entry was successful" that means it was successful. Right? And how on earth can they tell if you used RF? My 2 cents.

Roboform use

I got the free version and have used it a few times. I just started so I don't really know if it is working against me.... By reading all of the comments, it sounds like a 50/50% good/bad thing to do. Better to hand type things in but it does hurt the wrists.... so I don't do too many. Even shoulders start hurting! I don't think it is a bad thing to use... it helps out but I don't think that it works all the time.

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Do You Use Roboform to Enter Sweepstakes? Why or Why Not?

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