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Readers Respond: What Are Your Sweepstakes Resolutions for the New Year?

Responses: 18


Are you determined to win more in the New Year? Share your sweepstakes resolutions here!

Old Dogs Really Can Learn New Tricks!

This year I won a prize worth $1000 and it means to me that people really do win by entering on-line. I have held onto old school beliefs about entering and contesting it did not seem right if it did not involve index cards, envelopes and stamps. But old dogs can learn new tricks and I resolve to enter more!

Time to win

I have won lots of little things over the last year, but I resolve to have my BIG win in 2011!

Healthier, wealthier ..... wise?

Someone else here said to win enough to pay off consumer debt and create a rainy day fund. +1 on that. I've paid it down bit by bit by creating and sticking to a spending plan. To achieve the goal all at once would be life changing. Other than that keep learning, I plan to take classes and patch together a degree and/or certification. Continue sweeping and yet also LESS screen time. Get outside, walk, bike, do another "foot event" maybe walk another half marathon (and finish at least next to last instead of literally the last one ;-). I lost 15 lbs this year, got a way to go to my goal. But basically healthier and wealthier, wise? Maybe.


If I win or if someone else wins it is a cause for celebration. We are all connected.


I resolve to win enough this year to pay off my credit cards and have a cushion against "domestic disasters".
—Guest jill Swanson


I am feeling my way around and have decided to learn about entering sweepstakes. I have to spend some time learning and some time entering. But I am determined to start winning.
—Guest Carolyn Gidge

Dream Fulfilled Sweepstakes

I resolve this year to enter Sweepstakes that fulfill my dreams on my yes list for life. Among other things, that list contains traveling to Greece and Australia. Halls has a contest where one of the trips is to Austraila and another to Greece! So I enter that one daily! There is more than one way to fulfill your dreams and sweeping may be a part of that!

Thank You!

Can not imagine being a successful sweeper with out all of your encouragement and tips. So a resolution is to say Thanks!! to you Sandra for all that you do. To my fellow sweepers, fun wins in 2010.
—Guest Bristol

It's worth the wait

I started my "intense" sweepstaking about 2 months ago. I haven't won the "big" one yet, but persistence does payoff. My first onlilne win came in short order within the first month: a 4 gig memory card for my digital camera. A couple weeks after that, I won an 8g IPOD touch--I was ecstatic. About 2 weeks ago (today's Christmas Eve), I won $100 to spend at Lady Footlocker..(love my new Nike Shocks or is that Shox?)...I need NO New Year's resolution to keep me going. Soon I will be depositing my first grand prize check--I know it's coming!
—Guest Chey


I resolve never to make any more New Years resolutions!
—Guest Janice McIver

I Resolve To...

...allow myself to be happy. To ignore the nay-sayers, to enter more sweepstakes and add as many entries as I possibly can, to look to the future and forget the past...if what is in the past painful. I resolve to live my best life ever!
—Guest Martha

Win Big

Win BIG this year, like a car a special trip or vacation. Win that HGTV Dream Home (I wish)
—Guest ken


I plan to at least win one sweepstakes this year. It will be a first for me!
—Guest rwogahn

rules, tracking entries and track wins

My two biggest problems are tracking once only entries and the rules. I will try to read more rules "arhhhh" or get someone else too before I enter! I will try to find a way to track my entries, I did download diigolet, but I need something thats on paper I think, still have to come up with something for that..and I have to take time to read Sandra's how to on tracking wins and disputing ARV's of Wins!

Send thank you notes

Im going to send more thank-you notes out this year.
—Guest Kelly

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