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Readers Respond: What Do You Do to Get Through Dry Spells?

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Everyone who enters sweepstakes goes through dry spells sometimes. When it's been a while since you've won a prize, it can be tempting to just give up. But dry spells are exactly the time when you should be entering more sweepstakes, not less. So what do you do to keep your entries going through dry spells? How do you stay motivated when you're not winning sweepstakes?

Keep on dreaming

I have not won anything in two and a half years. But I just keep dreaming

Remember the 3 P's

Persistence, Patience, and Positive Attitude are the 3 words I repeat to myself. I've been entering sweeps for the past few months and haven't won anything yet (10 yrs. ago I did sweepstaking and did win' but quit after 11/2 years). I remind myself that it is a hobby and one I enjoyed and will again once I get a win.I do have a positive attitude and get encouragement when reading about wins of other sweepstakers. My motto is: "You can't win if you don't enter". I'm in the process of getting more organized and believe once I achieve that skill I'll have a better chance of winning .
—Guest Nancy

How I get through dry spells

I just started sweepstakes a month ago and I didn't win much the first 3 weeks. My sister told me to keep trying and gave me lots of encouragement. She is a longtime sweepstaker and has won several big prizes. For instance she won a Dish Network contest and her family is leaving for NYC on Sunday to do a voiceover for Dora the Explorer. So my motivation is my sister! And by the way, this week I started winning small prizes. I won Pizza Cash from Verizon and Breakfast for my co-workers from a local radio station!
—Guest ladyoflarkspur

Enter when you are not totally there

I typically enter contests when I am not totally there, in the morning when I am not really awake and first drinking coffee. By the time I wake up, I have pretty much entered all the important contests. So I just get through it all, not analyzing it too much until a lot later when I am finally awake. I also prioritize the contests that I enter: 1. ending today; 2. big contests; 3. other contests. So if I get busy, at least I get entries on those contests I really find interesting.
—Guest Robbie

Reading the Monthly Winner Roundup

Reading the responses to Sandra's monthly "what did you win?" post keeps me going. I'm just amazed when I read someone casually saying they won a new car or a vacation or big cash. I'd be jumping through y'all's computer screens with excitement if that happened to me.
—Guest Greg

Define Your Contest Goals

I think you should define your contest goals. After all if all you want to do is win and don't bother to set a strategy for this, you might burn out quickly or when the going gets tough. I decided I could invest no more than 30-45 min. a day entering contests and sweeps. I tell myself that I might not win anything and the only way to win is to enter. Finally, if life interrupts my schedule and I don’t have a chance to enter that day, then I will not get upset. That's my game plan and I am happy with it. I suggest everyone set out a plan of attack to help them when there are dry spells.
—Guest Damzish

I keep remembering every win

I keep remembering every win is an amazing gift. I just pray it is $300,000 soon, with unemployment???!!! smile.....DREAM BELIEVE
—Guest kayMI

Go Local

I always check the local TV, Radio, Newspaper and regional stores web sites. The prizes vary but you have better chance of success.

Don't forget local contests

I would like to remind everyone to periodically check their local radio and television channel websites for local contests. I have won more of these then national contests. In January I was told I had won a contest from my local Seattle station to fly to NYC to see Regis and Kelly! Haven't flown out yet but looking forward to it. Thanks Sandra for all that you do in helping us keep up with the contests!
—Guest mandapandastar

It Helps to Read about Others' Wins

I think it helps to read about others wins - it's uplifting to hear about someone's pet needing an operation they can't afford and then that person winning the money to pay for it, or someone going on an exciting trip when they otherwise would have stayed home. And during a really dry spell it even helps to hear someone else has won a granola bar or T-shirt! It also helps to know you aren't the only one that has dry spells!


I was having a dry spell in January and didn't even want to do another entry. And then it happened. I received via UPS an Ipod Nano that just showed up (((surPRIZE))). Today I am waiting for FED EX to arrive with a $500 Visa Card my husband won from MyCokeRewards in early December that someone needs to sign for. These things always gets me through my dry spells. Kitty
—Guest OhioKit

Just remember...

I was about to give up on instant win opportunities. I had spun wheels and scratched off etc. for what seemed like forever! Then I hit and got the message You're A Winner! When I think it is impossible and no one really wins this stuff -- I think back to that message, You're A Winner, and remember that yes, people do win -- and then I spin and scratch away :)
—Guest mazelgirl

I Keep It Light

I just keep it light, have fun, always remember this is supposed to be fun. Thanks for the tips I use them. I feel it helps to play contests I may have more chance at: that's been local or limited entry, multiple chances of winning... but always with a focus on it's not a prize if we don't want or need it. What has worked for me is keep it light, this is just something I might do while drinking my morning cuppa coffee. If there’s a win that’s great. Nothing for a while and then recently I won two books, one autographed. We can never have too many books! :)

I Store Up My Luck

I always tell myself that if I haven't won in a while, it's because my luck is storing up for a really big prize. That attitude makes me even more eager to enter sweepstakes, so that the big prize comes sooner. It's amazing how often it works!
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