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Readers Respond: Sweepstakes Prizes that Make Life Easier

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$1000 at Christmas!

Several years ago I won a $1000 calling into my favorite radio show. I think I burst the host's eardrum screaming! I won in November and was able to use the money to go home to my family at Christmas and to buy them presents...without the money I would have been spending Christmas alone. It was truly wonderful to win that money at that time!
—Guest Penny

Insurance Win

I entered the NBC Sports Lucky U Kentucky Derby game~$10,000 and all expense paid trip to the Kentucky Derby~and I won! The wonderful woman who notified me said I was one of the hardest people to convince that I had actually won....not until the cash was in the bank, and I had taken the trip, did it actually sink in. I have used the money for the a year of Health Ins. payments (which I really need for some chronic conditions) and taxes, that I would not have been able to afford otherwise. I am forever grateful to NBC SPORTS and the very nice personnel at Churchill Downs. It was a dream trip!
—Guest SE

My husband entered tons of HI sweepstake

When I told my husband I wanted to rip out a wall in between our living rm & din rm & put in a bay window, he started entering Home improvement contests & won $5000 & a home visit from a Frank Belic (it could have been any trading spaces designer) Thanks to bounty & trading spaces. We loved it of course they did not help with the work put they did help with the design & $5000. After much work & additional money we finally have a great finished living room & dining room combo.
—Guest gypsyj

Wow-Finally a win that paid off

Won Overstock.com Monthly Family Bailout. It paid off 4 outstanding bills. This $10.000.00 saved me. I now have a little bit of freedom with my disability checks.


I have won many contest. The best so far was an entry I filled out for a granddaughter (you had to be under 10 to win) and she won a $25,000 college annuity. It has since matured and she has a good deal more than that in the account. She will be going to college in two years.
—Guest flamingo

A Great Win!

I won $1500.00 from a contest I entered. The kicker is that I needed it for a down payment on a car. It came at the right time. Contesting is great and it's fun too!
—Guest talkinghead50

Never Could Have Afforded a Disney Trip

We weren't going to take a vacation this summer to cut back on expenses, until I won a Disney vacation. The kids were thrilled (and to be honest, so were we!)
—Guest Diane

oh yeah helped big time

this past school year i had my hours switeched around and lost just over 200.00 a month in income. the cash gift cards really help on groceries at the end of the month. Oh yeah and my magical crackers win is still helping the food budget as i used it at home depot and now have a vegitable garden thanks to that gift card. 15 tomatoe plants 45 corn plants egg plans zuccini onions pickeling cucumbers a couple of melon plants green beans and artichokes we also ate salad for months from that card. so yeah big help. aslo winning vacation points from disney made it possible to have a short birthday trip comming up. and disney also sent a check to cover taxes which made my tax man hubby happy. used candy coupons for the movies (got tickets as a gift) and saw transformers (we NEVER get cand at the theater but had coupons i used at our market so we really had a great treat. long and short of it contests are keeping me fed and able make o work plus some extras that would NEVER be otherwise

Breathing Room from Sweepstakes Prizes

A while ago, I was out of work, and money was tight. I won $100 as a sweepstakes prize, and I was able to use it to stock up on groceries. I shopped carefully, so that $100 stretched a long way! I'm working again now, but I'm so greatful that cash came at a perfect time.
—Guest Belle

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