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Readers Respond: Winning McDonald's Monopoly - Have You Won in McDonald's Monopoly Sweepstakes?

Responses: 164



so far I've won 5 BF sandwiches, 2 QP, 3 small fries, frappe, mcflurry, 3 Coke reward bundles, 1 red box movie, and a free EA game which my husband loved. Still playing....wish me luck
—Guest connie



I won yesterday!

I've put in 45 entries online to receive MCR 30pts five times, 2 of the picture packages, and a $50 dollar cash prize! I have to say I feel pretty lucky except for the 8-10 weeks for the check to come...
—Guest LethalZeta

not a lot

i won a few mycokerewards points and a free redbox rental... i've probably imputed about 100 codes... hmm...
—Guest kitten


A friend of mine won a 50 grand prize, and I helped him complete the set.
—Guest Zach

Xbox 369

I won a Xbox 360 kinect bundle on an instant win! I think it is the biggest thing I've ever won. :)
—Guest Shawn C

breakfast and $50!!

As i peeled my stickers i won any kind of breakfast sandwich and then online i won $50, pretty cool. Can't wait for my money XD...it'd be nice to win some more...
—Guest MelanieMitzi

The small prizes add up

I won alot of the coke rewards and got a one year subscription to cosmo which is like 60 bucks if buying all of them at the store over the year. And also alot of free food and redboxmovie rentals.
—Guest Katie


i won a five dollar walmart card im so freaken happy!!!!!!!!!!!
—Guest melissabog8297

Winning is fun!!

I have only won the instant food and drink prizes but that is still pretty cool Montgomery Triangle is awesome!
—Guest Rufus


I just won a Redbox Movie Rental! Today is Oct. 11, 2011. I am going to watch a movie with my family! Yay!
—Guest Lauren

I won

I won a 1/4 #er with cheese just yesterday at McDonald's in Austin
—Guest annie

90 Stamps Some Wins

I have been collecting the monopoly stamps and a few extra pounds in doing so. Here's the breakdown: 90 total Stamps, 6 Instant Win ( 3 Med Fries, 2 30 MCR points, 1 Breakfast Sandwich), My online prizes are 11 30 MCR points, 1 EA sports game (I chose Madden 12 of course), 1 $10 EASports, 3 4x5 Snapfish, 1 redbox rental. If you include my online wins, it's pretty close to 1 in 4 as advertised.
—Guest Luke O

Free food!!

I have won free food, just hoping and praying to big!!
—Guest Paige W

Trip to Olympics

My family won the trip to the Olympics several years back.
—Guest J. Ellis

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Winning McDonald's Monopoly - Have You Won in McDonald's Monopoly Sweepstakes?

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