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Readers Respond: Winning McDonald's Monopoly - Have You Won in McDonald's Monopoly Sweepstakes?

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Many people wonder whether McDonald's Monopoly Game is a Scam and whether it's really worth the time to collect those game pieces.

If you've won a prize, big or small, in the Monopoly Sweepstakes, tell us about it here. Be sure to mention the year you won, whether it was in the Online Monopoly Sweepstakes or the In-Store Monopoly Game, and how you enjoyed your prize. Share Your Story

S3 Samsung Phone

I won the Samsung S3 phone in the 2013 promotion. I didn't quite believe it would materialise until the point that I received a protective bag in the post to return the vouchers as evidence. The phone arrived shortly after. However, I have had problems this year with the promotion at various stores, mainly having to ask at the counter for the stickers as staff have forgotten to include them. Also, some stores are running out of stickers. Just to add, this site is incorrect. I visited a store today and they are not issuing stickers with any breakfast items. Not sure whether there is widespread.
—Guest Stuart


I win random food prizes all the time but 2 years ago I was playing the online game and won $1000 , which was AWESOME!
—Guest Rebecca

I won a Photo book

i won a Photobook from snapfish by hp... also a bunch of small fries, cheeseburgers, etc... but the photobook is a cool prize!
—Guest Marco


I won 5000 dollars! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy
—Guest bob

I won $100

At first I thought it was 1000 because it was titled $100$. But hey... 100 bucks that's cool 4-8 weeks for delivery.
—Guest John


I won a shutterfly photo book on a ticket my hubby found.
—Guest Nancy

Won a trip

I won the nfl experience. Two day one night trip to any nfl game of my choice. I've sent off the paperwork, waiting on a response back. I've also won 2 medium fries. All out of about 12 pieces.
—Guest Elizabeth

still hoping

A friend gave me 30 monopoly tickets i won 10 fries two Mcflurries 2 breakfast sandwiches 1 mcfrappe which he decided he wanted 1 quarter pounder with cheese maybe next year i will win big no fries please
—Guest patricia

Won a few

I won normal instant food, 1 ea sports 10$ thing and 1 book. I also won 2 of the free redbox rental online. If anyone has coke rewards points they don't use I would gladly take them off your hands ;) Mbrosnahan2@yahoo.com
—Guest All for fun

What did you win?

2013 -I have won 15 breakfast sandwiches,11 quarter pounders, 7 medium fries, one Shutterfly book and one movie rental. I still have to enter my codes online -so far I have done 5 and not won anything yet -hoping. Would love the Delta trip since we are planning on going to Disneyland!!!
—Guest 2013 Winner

2013 MONOPOLY Game at Mcdonalds

So far I've won a McFlurry, Two Medium French Fries, Five Redbox One Day Movie Rentals, and 120 MyCokeRewards.com points. All this from just 68 McDonald's Monopoly Game Pieces.

1 in 10 wins?

I've won two medium fries, one parfait/mcflurry and one EA games credit (totally useless to me). I have entered my codes online 30 times as of today. Plus I have at least 15 more tickets I have yet to enter. So out of fourty-five tickets only four were winners? According to the 1 in 4 they advertise I should have won about ten times. Seems kinda messed up to me. I'd be happy for a Redbox rental, or the scrapbook everyone keeps talking about.
—Guest Feelin Jipped

Use the online codes!

We've won: - 2 Breakfast Sandwiches - 2 Medium Fries - 80 MyCoke Reward Points - 2 Free DVD rentals at RedBox Use the online codes!!!
—Guest Jess3989


i have won 16 quarter pounders, 23 any breakfast sandwich, 38 medium fries, 10 mcflurry or parfaits, 8 small frappes, 200 my coke reward points, 3 8x8 shutterfly photobooks, 6 red box movies and 2 10ea sports coupons. I wonder if i have somebody on the inside or i just buy alot of mcdonalds hmmm (question)??
—Guest im lovin it

I actually won this year!

I won 4 Redbox movie rentals, 3 $10 EA Sports promo codes, and a Free Shutterfly photobook.. plus a few free Medium fries, and Small Frappes!! I never win anything so I went all out at McDonalds this past month! Typing in your codes online is a major plus that's how I won most of my prizes!! :)
—Guest rkwin

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Winning McDonald's Monopoly - Have You Won in McDonald's Monopoly Sweepstakes?

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