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Readers Respond: Winning McDonald's Monopoly - Have You Won in McDonald's Monopoly Sweepstakes?

Responses: 85


Many people wonder whether McDonald's Monopoly Game is a Scam and whether it's really worth the time to collect those game pieces.

If you've won a prize, big or small, in the Monopoly Sweepstakes, tell us about it here. Be sure to mention the year you won, whether it was in the Online Monopoly Sweepstakes or the In-Store Monopoly Game, and how you enjoyed your prize.

i won but never got my cards!

I won the 5.00 gift cards and never received them!!!
—Guest mike


I won several Snap Fish digital picture album prizes and various food prizes. However, I only chose to collect the food prizes.
—Guest Raymond

i won 100,000

can you believe how lucky i am ?!? i just went to mcdonalds one day and i got all three of the yellow cards and i won!!!! I live in new albany indiana and i have friends now :)
—Guest derek castile

Won the Beaches Vacation

I sent out the certified papers about 4 weeks ago, and got notification from USPS that they were received at the Redemption Center on Nov 2 (3 weeks ago). Still have not heard anything back from them officially yet, but I hear that it could be at least another month yet. Still skeptical that I will actually see this vacation happen, but will re-post when I see it.
—Guest Joe


Nov. 17, 2011 - I won a whole bunch of medium fries, small parfaits, egg McMuffins, Snapfish points, won $30 for jewelry & $500! However, it has been exactly 1 month & nothing yet. I've done some research & it has taken anywhere from 8-10 weeks... But it'll be worth the wait - perfect for x-mas shopping!
—Guest Natalie


I won about 2,000 mycoke rewards, 2 $5 walmart gift cards that I just got in the mail after about 3 weeks. I am still waiting to receive my $1,000 walmart gift card though. They got my certified papers about 3 weeks ago and it could be another 5 to 6 weeks before they send it. It does take a while to do a background check.
—Guest alrahc


I Won a Free EA game and a 20 free prints from snapfish :)
—Guest EA game and snapfish

Walmart $5.00 Gift Card Prize

I am still awaiting it! Yet I will hopefully enjoy it - I have had lots of fun playing along, and hope for greater luck next time... I Thank You with sincerity,and with a happier appreciation of knowing that the holidays are near!
—Guest Harold Glass

Snapfish and food

I've won a large sandwich, a small drink, and small fry, as well as the snapfish. I've entered about 100 online codes, absolutely nothing for all the time it takes. I wish I could just enter the code and know right away if I won, instead of playing the top hat card toss every time, it got boring after the first one.
—Guest Rob

i won

won many fries and quarter pounders, a ps3 game and xbox 360 with kinect, so yeah ima keep eating there
—Guest rico

i just won

i won 3 med fries in one large big mac meal just now....aye aye(in my ojdajuice voice)
—Guest richie baby

small 'fry'

so far won a BF sandwich, 2 med. fries, McFlurry, 90 Coke Rewards Pts, Snapfish, Redbox
—Guest Lakshmi

Fun None The Less

Every year I win lots of food prizes, to the point I have trouble using them before their expiration. My fav is a big mac, which is never a winning food option so last year I gave my remaining winning Angus Burgers (I had like 4 or 5 and had given away some to get down to 2) to a homeless guy who seemed really happy with them. This year I actually won a $5 Walmart card, but am having a problem claiming it. After the redemption process, I opted to print it later from instructions in an email they were supposed to send. Got the email verifying I won, but no link or instructions to print out the $5 gift cert. I notice in some of the other posts, some others are having a problem claiming their prizes as well, in kind of the same way. If claiming an instore prize online, make sure you are at a computer with a printer attached because that email they say they will send with instructions is messed up.
—Guest lila

More Wins in 2011

I have only gotten "small" prizes, but I am satisfied with how often I am getting something back. My biggest prize is a $10 itunes gift card, but it couldn't have come at a better time... it's my best friend's 30th Bday and I'm broke...wish I could gift it directly!!! Thanks Mickey D's!
—Guest Jayar40208


I go up to the store every day and I buy what ever I have to to get some tickets on the fri, drinks etc. Here in Belchertown Ma things cost more. I guess after I spent$25.00 I did finally win a fri. I think by now I have spent about one hundred. Used to be you could just go in and pick up a ticket, then just buy something. But this is tooooo much money out and am not to happy about the extra meals tax in this town. did not realize it until I hd purchased the same meal here has another town, and the check was a little more, about $.75 So every one good luck
—Guest Elaine
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