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Readers Respond: How Would You Pay the Taxes on the HGTV Dream Home?

Responses: 339


Open a small business

Open a photograhy studio and go into real estate. If that doesn't cut it I'd rent it while I do these things for about a year that should take care of taxes. While blessing me with the business I always wanted. Give glory to God and watch the looks on my family's faces
—Guest jesca simmons

I'd flip!!!

I would be so happy to give my family the life we deserve whether it be keeping or selling it. I would have to talk it out with them and ultimately make my decision. Were all going through extremely hard times right now and my family has been completely ripped apart just trying to find any place to stay. I'd thank god every day if I won because I'd be able to bring us all together!!! But like I said, I'm not sure if I would be able to keep the house although I'd love to if my family and I could all work together for taxes.
—Guest Melody

How to pay the taxes on your Dream Home

Luxury Home rental. I work in Sunriver Oregon as a luxury home housecleaner. The amount of money people get for renting house out is outragous. It would more than pay the taxes and a good income as well.
—Guest Mary Barbi Dunham

keep an enjoy!

my husband loves to ski an hunt we are moving in.paying taxes having a great life.
—Guest Pamela Ellis

Mine!! All Mine!!!

As my Granddaddy use to say, "There are only two for sure things in life, and they are "death and taxes". As I am not dead, yet, I would pay the taxes from the equity in my current home + savings. If you want something badly enough you'll find a way. My family and friends (+ new friends) would surely enjoy the home along with me. The taxes would get paid. Thanks for the opportunity. Can't wait to see if I win! Come on down and take me to Stowe, VT.
—Guest Patricia

Sell The House...

I really love the Dream House. It is a wonderful blessing, one that is Heaven sent for the purpose I need. The taxes WILL BE PAID, for where there is a will, there is a way. However, if I had to sell, it would be a little after I have spent sometime savoring the excitement and enjoying the dream.

Raise Cash by Selling Current Home

I would sell my existing home if it bought enough money
—Guest jeanne hough

love it

It depends on what the taxes are. if the taxes are less than my mortgage now, then it is well worth it. If they are too high then I can rent it out perhaps 1/2 the year to pay the taxes.
—Guest Jason

Winning This Awesome Prize

I can barley wait to hear who wins this amazing prize package. I am not worried about how I am going to pay the taxes. Just so excited. I need a car and money so this would be the perfect prize for me.
—Guest Judith Hock


If I was blessed to win a dream home, I would make it work
—Guest Annette

Don't Worry About The Taxes

HGTV will give you $650,000 in lieu of the home, plus they will give you $500,000 and a new car to boot! Now that's a good deal if I have ever heard of one!!!!
—Guest Judith Hock

We'll just have to see

I'm just hoping I like what I'm wearing when they ambush me - and that my house is clean. I'll do everything in my power to keep the house and pay the taxes.... Maybe I'll offer a few weeks to my family and friends and ask them to help out. It fun to dream!
—Guest Deb M

Pinch me Im dreaming....

I too, like many others would have to sell, sell, sell. I would vacation in the home first and then place it on the market. I would have to say that I am a West coast girl all the way but would love to visit and take in the experience to the fullest. This win would be a huge blessing to my family and future family. We just adopted two little girls and have a little boy of our own and would love to be able to foster more children and adopt more in the future. This economy has been difficult for everyone I know and we are not immune. Some of the things in that house are worth more than all of the things I own...Lord hear my prayer and answer my heart. This would be a dream I would love the chance to live. Taxes are not a reason to not give yourself an opportunity....fear is the only reason to avoid it. If I win....someone will surely have to pinch me.

Keep it!

I would love to have a dream vacation home that I could rent out since it is in a ski location. You could use the money to pay the taxes and morgage some of the equity in the home to finish paying for the taxes. Renting it out seems to be the best bet!
—Guest Guest Yvonne

Selling House

Would have to sell the house but how is that done before the taxes are due?
—Guest BuddyandKelsey

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