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Want to Win the Next Powerball Jackpot?


A $425 million Powerball jackpot was recently won by someone who purchased a ticket in California. Would you like to be the next person to strike it big? Here's how to play the Powerball Lottery.

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Today's New Prizes: $5,000, an Unforgettable Trip to Wyoming, a TV Show Role, & More

Tuesday April 22, 2014

Anyone in the mood to win some sweepstakes today? About.com Contests' New Sweepstakes page has been updated for today, April 21, 2014, with the latest sweepstakes for you to enter. Some examples of the prizes that are up for grabs in today's sweepstakes include:

If you missed yesterday's announcement, here are a few of the new sweepstakes I added for 4/20/2014. You can see them all by clicking the link to the New Sweepstakes page:

The New Sweepstakes List contains all of the sweepstakes added today and over the past week, which includes many more chances to win. Be sure to check it out! And if you'd prefer to receive sweepstakes news and more chances to win by email, sign up for my free sweepstakes newsletter. Good luck!
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HGTV's Flip or Flop Sweepstakes Code: Enter Before 9 PM Tonight for a Shot at $25,000

Wednesday April 16, 2014
Every week, HGTV is giving away $25,000 cash in the HGTV - Flip or Flop Watch It Win It Sweepstakes. You only have one day to enter, though, from 9 pm on Tuesdays through 8:59 pm on Wednesdays. That means you have a few more hours left to enter today, and you'll need a code word for your entry to be valid

If you didn't see this week's code on HGTV, it's: FLIP. You can also check the HGTV Flip or Flop Sweepstakes Codes thread in the Sweepstakes Forum each week for current codes.

Good luck!

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Could Those Pinterest Sweepstakes Be Illegal?

Friday April 11, 2014
A photo of a pin breaking a cell phone.

If you've been entering sweepstakes on Pinterest, you're probably familiar with this format: to enter, you're asked to pin an image from the sponsor's website, like one of their products, along with a hashtag that lets the sponsor easily find the participants in the sweepstakes. Simple enough, right? But now, the FTC is investigating whether that type of contest is legal or not. Sound farfetched?

When I think of illegal sweepstakes, usually I think about scams where the "sponsors" as for money before they hand out prizes, or maybe violations of the do not call list. No one is saying that Pinterest sweepstakes are violating those kinds of laws.

However, the FTC has very specific rules about endorsements and testimonials and how incentives for testimonials have to be disclosed online. In other words, a celebrity on a Wheaties box is clearly being paid for their endorsement, whereas someone who writes a review for money online without disclosing that they are being paid for their opinions might be violating the law.

So what does that have to do with Pinterest sweepstakes? Well, according to this article on the National Law Review, the FTC is investigating whether clothing retailer Cole Haan violated the law by encouraging people to pin their clothing without disclosing that they were doing so in order to get a sweepstakes entry, which is a form of monetary incentive.

So the FTC is now going to investigate to decide whether a pin can be considered an endorsement, and whether a sweepstakes hashtag is enough of a signal that the pins were made for an incentive. In the meantime, you'll probably find companies being much more careful about how they present Pinterest sweepstakes. In the past, some companies have had people make pins on a pinboard that was specifically made for the giveaway. Maybe that would be a way of making a clear and conspicuous disclosure that the pin was motivated by a sweepstakes?

I am wondering how this ruling will affect, say, Facebook sweepstakes as well. To me, a "like" is a clearer endorsement than a pin. Would that mean that sweepstakes where you have to "like" a page, a post, or a comment also be in violation of laws regarding endorsements?

I would be a lot more excited about Facebook sweepstakes if likes weren't required. But would that mean that many companies would stop running Facebook sweepstakes? And if they did, would they return to offering them on their own websites, or would they stop offering the chances to win altogether? It will be interesting to watch how the legal implications unfold.

Image Miguel Navarro / Getty Images

What Types of Sweepstakes Do You Like to Enter Most?

Monday April 7, 2014
There have been so many changes in the sweepstakes industry since I've started writing about sweepstakes just a few years ago. Now, there are a dizzying array of ways to enter and win prizes.
To keep you up-to-date (and maybe encourage you to try something new!), I've updated my Guide to the Different Types of Sweepstakes to Enter.

My own favorite type of sweepstakes to enter are the instants. I love the thrill of seeing a winning message pop up right away, and the excitement of finding out what the prize is. What a fun way to kick off a morning or to end a long and stressful day!

But I'm also wondering which sweepstakes you've tried, and which you like the best. Take my quick poll to share your opinion. Plus, I'd love to hear your thoughts about the different sweepstakes variations in the comments below!

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