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Sweepstakes Odds Calculator

How to Calculate Your Odds of Winning Sweepstakes

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Have you ever wondered what your odds of winning sweepstakes are? This free sweepstakes odds calculator lets you get a good idea of what your odds of winning are. To use it, enter the number of entries you expect to receive, your estimate of how many total entries there will be into the contest, and the number of prizes being awarded.

How Does the Sweepstakes Odds Calculator Work?

To determine the odds of winning sweepstakes, you divide the total number of sweepstakes entries by the number of entries you've submitted and by the number of prizes being awarded. So the formula looks like this:

Total Entries / Your Entries / Total Number of Prizes

So to give an example, if you enter one time into a sweepstakes with two prizes, and 999 other people enter, too, your odds would be 1,000/1/2, which equals 1 in 500.

If you'd like to estimate the odds of winning sweepstakes, use the sweepstakes odds calculator below. You will probably have to guess the total number of entries, since few sweepstakes make those numbers public.

Total Number of Entries:
Number of Times You Entered:
Number of Prizes Awarded:
Sweepstakes Odds = 1 in

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