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Faster Sweepstakes Entry: Enter Sweepstakes in Half the Time

Enter sweepstakes fast and raise your chances of winning.


Why is faster sweepstakes entry important? It's simple - the more sweepstakes you enter, the more prizes you'll win. When you enter a large number of sweepstakes on a daily basis, your chances of winning prizes soar.

However, no one has an unlimited amount of time to spend entering sweepstakes, so it makes sense to optimize your time so that you can get the most entries possible in the time you have available. These tips will help you enter sweepstakes faster so that you can boost your chances of winning.

1. Download Roboform

Roboform is the tool that I rely upon the most to help me enter sweepstakes faster. This program stores your entry information so that you can fill out most entry forms with a single click. It saves a ton of typing, reduces the risk that I make a typo that would prevent me from receiving win notifications, and makes sweepstakes entry so much quicker and more pleasant. Best of all, you can download it for free (though I've found that the upgraded version is totally worth the $30 it costs to use it for a lifetime). If you use a Mac computer, you might want to try 1Password, which I've heard is similar.

More information about Roboform:

2. Download Texter

While not as fully featured as Roboform, Texter helps with faster sweepstakes entry by allowing you to quickly fill out Flash Sweepstakes forms and other cases where Roboform doesn't work properly. I use it all the time to enter those sweepstakes where username and password are all that is required to log in for daily entries. Texter is completely free to download.

More about Texter:

3. Close Other Programs on Your Computer

Sweepstakes will load faster if your computer is not slowed down by other programs. Close any unnecessary windows on your computer, leaving only your browser open. The less time you spend waiting for pages to load, the faster your sweepstakes entry will go. Plus, you'll be able to concentrate better if you aren't distracted.

4. Have Your Sweepstakes Ready to Enter

If you want to enter sweepstakes fast, you can't waste a lot of time looking for new sweeps during your precious entry time. You should have a list of sweepstakes that you want to enter every day waiting for you. You can use one of my sweepstakes lists, such as the Daily Sweepstakes list or the Lots of Prizes list. Alternately, you can use a method like the one I outlined for organizing your sweepstakes in the Firefox browser to keep everything close at hand.

More Tips on Preparing Your Sweepstakes:

5. Open a Bunch of Sweepstakes Windows at Once

I usually open about 10 sweepstakes pages at once so that they can start loading. I then start with the ones that load the fastest, filling out and submitting their entry forms. By that time, other pages have finished loading. This cuts down on my waiting time, allowing me to have as little downtime as possible during my sweepstakes entry time.

6. Look for "Can't See the Game" Links

Many sweepstakes, especially instant wins, will let you play a game to find out if you're the winner. Games include spinning a wheel, running a race, sinking baskets, or gathering icons for prizes, but how you do has nothing to do with whether you win or not, and many of them don't force you to participate. You can enter these sweepstakes much faster if you look for a link that says something like, "Can't see the game?" Clicking will tell you immediately whether you have won or not, speeding up your entries.

7. Eliminate Problem Sweepstakes

Some sweepstakes will slow you down every time you try to enter them. Maybe they load very slowly, or they require you to fill out page after page of information to enter. It's a good idea to consider removing these sweepstakes from your daily sweepstakes list. If the prizes are really great, it could be worth the effort to enter, but if not, choose other sweepstakes in their place which are faster to enter.

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