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'Early Bird Prizes' Definition

What 'Early Bird' Prizes are and how to win them.



The early bird gets the worm... or, in this case, the sweepstakes prize. Image © Mother Daughter Press / Getty Images

Have you seen the term "early bird prizes" used in sweepstakes' rules, and not known what they were or how you could go about winning them? Well, it's pretty simple. Early bird prizes are designed to encourage people to enter sweepstakes by rewarding the earliest entrants with a prize.

All you have to do to win an early bird prize is to be one of the first people to enter the sweepstakes. If you do, you're guaranteed a win. Nice, right?

How much time you have to enter the sweepstakes and get one of these sure-fire wins depends on how many prizes are being awarded. Some sweepstakes award thousands of early bird prizes, others only a few. Check the rules of the sweepstakes you're entering for details about how many early bird prizes are being awarded.

Most of the time, you won't know whether early bird prizes are still available until you have entered and received the win notification. It's hard to tell whether 20,000 early bird prizes will go in the first day or still be available a month later. But if you think the sweepstakes is trustworthy and you want to win the prizes being offered, it's worth entering ASAP to get a shot at the early bird prizes.

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