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How to Track Your Sweepstakes Entries with Diigo


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How to Use Diigo to Avoid Disqualification from Sweepstakes
One of the difficult things about entering sweepstakes is keeping track of which contests you've already entered, which you want to come back to, and which you don't want to enter at all.

The penalty for making a mistake can be severe. You can get disqualified for entering a one-time sweepstakes too often, or you can lower your odds of winning your dream prize because you simply forgot to enter the sweepstakes as often as allowed in the rules.

Diigo Let's You "Write" Right on the Website

Now, a social networking tool called Diigo can help you track and monitor all of of the information you need to enter sweepstakes efficiently. Best of all, Diigo is free and easy to use.

The idea behind Diigo is that website users can lay a "virtual transparency" over websites that allows them to create sticky notes for themselves, highlight important information, and organize important websites quickly and easily. Keeping careful notes about the sweepstakes you enter takes only a few seconds, and can save you a ton of time later. Plus, you can access all of the notes that you've left for yourself on the Diigo website, so that you can quickly get an overview of your sweepstakes entries.

Some possible ways that you could track your entries with Diigo include:

  • Mark one-entry sweepstakes that you've entered.
  • Mark daily sweepstakes that you want to visit every day.
  • Mark sweepstakes that were down when you tried to enter them, so that you remember to return later.

Instructions on How to Use Diigo to Track Sweepstakes Entries:

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