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How to Win Blog Contests

Tips for Winning Blog Contests


Would you like to win blog contests? These tips will help you avoid some of the most common blog contest mistakes and win more prizes. If you're ready to get started, check out my article, where to find blog contests.

1. Blog Contest Winners Follow Rules to the Letter

Most blog contests will require that you do something like comment with your favorite product from a specific sponsor, tell a story, or answer a question. Yet if you look at the comments that entrants leave, many of them skip this requirement. Which means that all of those people have disqualified themselves.

In order to improve your odds of winning blog contests, be sure to read the rules carefully and follow them to the letter.

2. Leave an Email Address if You Want to Receive Your Win

Many people enter blog contests, but forget that the sponsor has no way of contacting them unless they actually leave an email address. If you can't be contacted, you aren't going to receive that prize, so be sure that you leave a way to reach you.

Different blog contests have various ways of leaving an email address. If there is no place to put an email address in the comment form, leave it in the comment itself. But to reduce the risk of spammers getting your email address, "disguise" the email by writing it out, so that it doesn't look like an address to spam robots. For example, I'd write my email address as contests.guide at about dot com. For more information, see How to Disguise Your Email Address from our Guide to Email.

3. Take Advantage of Extra Entries into Blog Contests

Many blog contests give you extra entries for subscribing to receive updates by email, linking back to their sites, telling friends about the contest, and so on. Each extra entry makes your odds of winning that much higher.

4. Make Blog Contest Wins Easier by Starting Your Own Blog

Starting your own blog certainly isn't necessary to win blog contests, but having an account at Blogger isn't a bad idea. It's free, many blog contests let you leave a comment with your Blogger ID, which means you don't have to leave your email address where anyone can read it, and you can sometimes get extra entries into sweepstakes by linking to them from your blog. If you don't use a blog for any other purpose, that one makes it worthwhile.

5. Check Your Sweepstakes Email Carefully

Winning notifications from blog contests are easy to overlook, because they often come from individuals rather than big corporate email addresses. Instead of an easy-to-recognize email address, like prizefulfillment@eprize, you might see a person's name or the blog's name as the sender. So be extra-careful to check your sweepstakes email thoroughly for wins if you are entering blog contests.

6. Stay Alert for Blog Contest Scams

While you're entering blog contests, don't get so caught up in winning that you fall for a blog contest scam. Stay alert for signs that the contest isn't legitimate, like a blog with almost no comments or previous posts, the lack of a page that identifies the person or company behind the blog, a prize that's "too good to be true," and the lack of a good privacy policy.

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