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About.com Contests' directory of contests and sweepstakes, divided into sections by the type of prize, the entry frequency, prize value, and more. This sweepstakes directory makes it easy to find the prizes you want to enter to win.
  1. Sweepstakes by Entry Frequency
  2. New and Expiring Sweepstakes
  3. Enter to Win Car Sweepstakes
  4. Win Cash Prizes
  5. Win Trips in Dream Vacation Sweepstakes
  6. House and Garden Sweepstakes
  7. Instant Win Sweepstakes
  1. Electronics Sweepstakes
  2. Writing, Poetry, Cooking & Other Contests
  3. Intro to Blog Contests
  4. Sweepstakes for Canadians
  5. Special Sweepstakes Prizes
  6. Other Sweepstakes

Sweepstakes by Entry Frequency

These lists make it easy for you to get the most chances possible to win sweepstakes by entering as often as each sweep allows.

New and Expiring Sweepstakes

Find sweepstakes that have been newly added to the About.com Contests site, or which are ending soon.

Enter to Win Car Sweepstakes

If you'd like to win cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, and other vehicles, then you should check out these fabulous car sweepstakes. All of the prizes in this section include vehicles or related items. Enter to win a new car today!

Win Cash Prizes

Find sweepstakes whose prizes include cold, hard cash to spend however you like.

Win Trips in Dream Vacation Sweepstakes

Enter vacation sweepstakes for your chance to win dream vacations and trips around the world or close to home. Win free trips to visit international and domestic vacation spots from trips to Disneyland to cruises down the Nile by entering these vacation sweepstakes and contests.

House and Garden Sweepstakes

Enter House and Garden sweepstakes to win all kinds of things for your home, from bathroom remodels to new kitchen appliances, or even a whole new house!

Instant Win Sweepstakes

Everything you need to know about instant win sweepstakes, from what they are to how to increase your chances of winning them to where to find instant sweepstakes to enter

Electronics Sweepstakes

Do you love computers, gadgets, home theaters, and other electronics? Save your hard-earned money and win electronics prizes instead of buying them yourself!

Writing, Poetry, Cooking & Other Contests

Show off your skills in creative contests where you can win prizes with your photography, videos, writing, or cooking abilities. These contests often have great odds of winning, and are a lot of fun to boot!

Intro to Blog Contests

Blog contests are one of the fastest-growing types of sweepstakes today. Find out what they are, where to find them, and how to win them!

Sweepstakes for Canadians

Here you can find tips and advice about entering sweepstakes in Canada, as well as links to sweepstakes that Canadians can enter.

Special Sweepstakes Prizes

These sweepstakes prizes are particularly attractive, either because of their size or because of the number of prizes being offered. Don't miss these great sweepstakes!

Other Sweepstakes

Find more sweepstakes to enter, with prizes ranging from Super Bowl tickets to computers, from toys and games to books and magazines.

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